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ori - on 11 Nov 2017
Hey guys,
Finally finished editing my alpine climbing video.
Let me know what do you think about it

8 stunning days of alpine climbing in Italy & France.

First 4 days we passed a basic alpine course, in which we studied all the basic technics. During this time, we climbed 2 mountains. Castor (4228) was the first one, the edgy summit was amazing but sadly i got almost no video from there since the Gopro froze.
The second was Breithorn (4164), an easy but amazing summit from which Matterhorn is seen well.

On the next 4 days, Elad and me went climbing by ourselves, in the area of Chamonix. From there we went for 2 different peaks:
The first was Mont Blanc du Tacul (4248), and the 2nd was Tete Blanche & Petite Fourche (3520). On the way to the 1st summit, We took the cable car to Aiguille du Midi and slept directly on the glacier in a small alpine tent. The night was very cold, sleeping well was almost impossible, but the view seen from the tent towards the mountain was spectacular. The peak was beautiful & challenging due to ice, and sadly again, the Gopro went out of batteries.

Last peak was Tete Blanche & Petite Fourche (3520). On the first day we climbed to Albert 1er, the view from there to the enormous glacier was stunning. The Next day, early in the morning we climbed Tete Blanche & Petite Fourche. the road was scary due to huge crevasses, and the peak was again challenging because of ice - that's why we used ice screws.
Summit was amazing and the view even more.

Shot with: Gopro5 & Canon 700D.

Song: kopeika - et
jon on 12 Nov 2017
In reply to ori:

You've got some nice bits of footage there but I did find it a bit disjointed. Maybe a bit of a re edit might help it in that respect.
ori - on 12 Nov 2017
In reply to jon:

Thanks, i'll notice that next time i edit a video
redsonja - on 12 Nov 2017
In reply to ori:

Wow- that's great. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your trip
Trangia on 12 Nov 2017
In reply to ori:

Some nice shots there. Personally I think I would dispense with the footage taken from the selfie stick - it looks huge and out of proportion to the scene, a bit like a ski tow T bar in the way! As cameraman, just concentrate on filming the other two.

Also I think live sound would have been better at catching the atmosphere rather than the music. Music seems to be creeping into such filming more and more now, and I think picking up the natural sounds of ice creaking under the crampons and axes, the wind and talking at times is much better, interspersed with a bit of commentary by you.

But generally I enjoyed watching it. Good sense of exposure on the snow ridge.
neuromancer - on 13 Nov 2017
In reply to ori:
Now I don't mean to appear some form of alpine know-it-all having done probably twenty days tops and being an utter punter myself; but f*ck me you carry a lot of stuff.

Are those a pair of timberland chukka boots hanging from the outside of your bag?
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ori - on 14 Nov 2017
In reply to redsonja:

Thanks a lot!
ori - on 14 Nov 2017
In reply to Trangia:

Thanks! I think you are right... these are some good tips
ori - on 14 Nov 2017
In reply to neuromancer:

Haha yeah you are right with the boots!
Long story short, i took the boots so i could give back my rented snow shoes on my way back from the mountain to the store, it was on our way back home
We took a lot of stuff because basically newbies and took too much stuff with us... including tent, sleeping bag, cooking equipment and food

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