/ Where in the world can I go in Feb/March?

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neilwiltshire on 15 Nov 2012
Hi all,

Thinking about doing some guided mountaineering. I'd like to go somewhere reasonably high (4/5/6k) and the perfect timing for me would be Feb/March 2013. Is there anywhere in the world I can go at this time of year to do some climbing?

Happy to take any suggestions!

neilwiltshire on 15 Nov 2012
Ah, I should say, although I've been climbing (inc. trad) for several years, I'm a beginner at mountaineering, doing a course in Scotland in early Jan.
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Volcanoes in Ecuador?

From the late Yossi Brain's guidebook:

"there are two climbing seasons in Ecuador: June through August and November to February. Allegedly, the eastern cordillera is drier Nov though February and the western Cordillera, June through August (though it is often windy). Cotopaxi has more clear days than any other peak in Ecuador....."

neilwiltshire on 15 Nov 2012
In reply to Tom Briggs - Jagged Globe:

Thanks, I'll take a look. In all honesty though it would probably be back end of February and then through March so it may be a bit out of season.
Damo on 15 Nov 2012
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Island Peak, Nepal
Aconcagua, Argentina
Mexican Volcanoes
New Zealand (lower but more technical)

MikeLell - on 16 Nov 2012
In reply to neilwiltshire: Atlas Mountains?
alasdair19 on 17 Nov 2012
In reply to neilwiltshire: the Mexican volcanoes are cool and the culture amazing particularly if you have some Spanish.
almost sane on 19 Nov 2012 -
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if you want to go above 4,000m, and you would like something different, why not try the Alborz mountains in Iran?
There is a healthy mountaineering scene there. is a good starting point for ideas.
neilwiltshire on 19 Nov 2012
Thanks for all the suggestions,I started out looking into NZ but it doesn't seem like there's any (safe) snow in March there.

Iran was certainly off radar. Have you been there? What's it like? What are the guides like?
Avinash Aujayeb - on 20 Nov 2012
In reply to neilwiltshire:

I was in new zealand in Feb 2012, and went up Mt aspiring. Full north west ridge. Not much snow, but awesome climb.

So Feb is still good for it.

If you want, I am thinking of Toukbal in Feb or march. it is a walk up rather than any serious climbing, but I just want to get out for a week or so, and part of training for other stuff

Email me so we can discuss
almost sane on 20 Nov 2012 -
In reply to neilwiltshire:
Never been to Iran myself. Stuff happened, plans had to change. Life, eh?
I do know they had an international mountaineering meet there a year or two ago.
And I was in correspondance with some Iranian climbers over a project, but that too fell through.

From this I know they have a healthy mountaineering scene, and that there are women climbers also, so its not just a macho bloke thing.

here is their Alpine Club website
They seem really keen to encourage international visits.
ice.solo - on 23 Nov 2012
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irans got good climbing but access is hard in late winter. the caspian region can get a lot of snow and its not a priority to keeps many mountain roads cleared.

that said, if youre the frontier type, the region - inclluding the south side of the caucusus has lots of winter routes, but needs the right preparation. local mountain guiding groups would be very happy to see foreign climbers. costs and hospitality are never prohibitive in the region, tho visas may be.

otherwise, china.
north of the yunnan snow shed (ie north of kangding) conditions are stable and loads of <6000m stuff. all much less commercial than the sub-con, lat-am, europe, but also well accessed, good food, genuine mountains.

if either appeal pm me, can help you sort it.
ice.solo - on 23 Nov 2012
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get moving if you want to go to these areas. unlike nepal you cant just walk into an existing trip.

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