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FS: 2001 Transit SWB Medium Hightop Conversion

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 protekh (user since 22/Jan/20) 10 Jan 2021

Price: £700

NATO Green 2001 Transit, SWB, medium high top. Maybe you've seen her at Portland over the summer

It would make me really happy to know she's being kept "within the family" and used for climbing trips.

Looking for £700ono

Copypasting info from eBay, please do ask questions in the mean time. Pictures to come...

- - - - - - -

Absolutely gutted to sell my best friend for the past few years... so many adventures and good times have been had but due to COVID, lack of work, money, situational changes... She has to go...

2001 Ford Transit Short Wheelbase Medium-High Top

Priced to sell, but please do make me an offer. It would make me very happy to know she's going to a good home!

I'll try and add as much detail as possible, so check back for any changes. In the meantime please ask away any questions, I'll be happy to answer.

Few more pictures to come over the next few days, including more detailed ones of specifics...

What this is...

A ticket to adventures, good times, and (hopefully?) a festival of summers or camping in the UK.

A unique vehicle with character!

A future with zero mechanical or engine problems come garage or MOT times

What this is not...

A pristine van... she has been used and loved over the years, so has some battle scars to show it. Being a transit she has all the right rust in all the wrong places!

The living space

Decidedly not a pro job - shabby chic? But it's a camper for under 1k, to be expected perhaps

The back has been cladded with home insulation.

Reclaimed wood panelling on the walls.

12v light

12v power outlet

Sofa that folds out in to a double bed with storage underneath - super comfy and lightweight foam.

Vinyl floor is easy to clean

We have been using a fold up table as the cooking area with a gas stove, it works nicely and gives you some room if you don't need it.

It would also make a good trades van still if you were to pull the interior out.

What's good:

Brand new windscreen fitted last year

Back area is a blank slate ready for upgrading or ready to go as-is.

Spare wheel and tyre (not a space saver) - bought as I was planning on going to Europe before COVID hit. I've just kept it as a spare for if it needs one come MOT times (I buy secondhand tyres so most vehicles I've owned need one every year).

Spent £1k last year on welding before her last MOT - the whole bottom was undersealed, it hopefully won't need any more for a long, long time. There was a long list of stuff to be welded and fixed, and I did it all - I've some receipts if you want to see. In fact, have a look at the MOT history here to see everything I had done, reg is Y385 SHR: https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/

The engine and gearbox are absolutely bulletproof, I've not had a single issue or even a hiccup in the entire time I've owned her. Previous owner had an engine (and I think gearbox?) put in her before I purchased.

Medium high top so you can stand up in it! But not too high as to totally ruin your fuel economy / access to certain areas.

What's not so great:

Cosmetically, there are some dents and scratches, they look a lot worse than they are because of the white paint underneath. I will probably have painted over these by the time you've bought it, but if not can supply the paint. It's NATO paint and can be bought at most military supply stores.

The passenger's door hinge is corroded so it's wonky. We've just not been using it - though you can still open it if you lift it up. It's a MOT fail. The drivers is not great either, in fact all the "problematic" welding is in this area on both sides, I didn't have any done in these areas last year, so will probably need a few hours on these areas.

She is rusty, it's hard to tell what's a problem and what's not. I believe the worst is behind her now as I've spent over £1000 on welding last year.

Passengers wing mirror is cracked (yes, I have just put a drivers side mirror in it and bodged it :P )

Trim missing from the windscreen. If this is a dealbreaker I can try and source some for you.

There's probably more I missed! Will update in due course as I remember.

MOT is due on the 4th of February and because of lockdown I'm going to find it really hard to get it all sorted - ideally would like to get it away while it's still allowed on the road.

Collection would be in line with all COVID regulations, I believe car sales such as this are regarded as "Click and Collect" - for your peace of mind my entire household has been extremely isolated since Christmas.

Can potentially deliver for the right price and distance - let's talk about that.

- - - - - - - - -

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