/ FS: Berghaus Mule 2 80L wheel bag , brand new.

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David White - on 14 Jan 2018 - user since 25/Jul/03

Price: £70


For sale, Berghaus Mule 2 80 litre wheeled travel bag. Brand new, tags still attached, blue.  

Full details:

£70 if collected / delivered in Kendal area, or £75 sent by Hermes. 

David White - on 14 Jan 2018
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Now sold  


Pursued by a bear - on 18 Jan 2018

It's a sad truth that sometimes, buying things from people on the internet doesn't go well.  We all hope it will, of course we do, but sometimes it just ain't so.  There always seem to be grumbles in these forums about things promised and not delivered, or not as they might have been, or sometimes just the postman not hanging round long enough to see if anyone's in.  It can make a man wary, or even suspicious.  

Which perhaps makes it all the more important to give a shout-out when things do go well.  I bought the bag that David was advertising.  It was exactly as he said it would be, the price was fair, his communication was spot on and it was delivered when I expected it to be delivered; in other words, as a buyer I couldn't reasonably have asked for more. 

I have no connection with David other than through this transaction; however, should he in the future be advertising something I'd like, I'd have no hesitation in buying from him.  Well done, that man.


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.