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 Trevor Langhorne (user since 27/Oct/07) 11 May 2022
Price: £3.00

Sorry but I have just messed up my post from yesterday by marking all books as sold and then discovering that I couldn't un-mark/edit the post.

Some are marked as Sold subject to payment, if you are interested in any of these please let me know and I will put you as reserve purchaser. Unsurprisingly I already have a reserve for 9/10 Climbers.

I am de-cluttering and down sizing and have quite a lot of books for sale.  All in excellent condition, generally only read once. Postage & packing will be additional at £3.35 (small parcel rate), if you buy more than one book the total postage cost will be pegged at £3.35.

Preposterous Tales – Graham & Emmet. £3

The Climbing Essays – Perrin. £4. Sold subject to payment

The Munros (2006) – SMC. £6 Sold subject to payment

A Century of Scottish Mountaineering – collection of the best SMC Journal articles – SMC. £3 Sold subject to payment

Ben Nevis – The Story of Climbing on The Ben – Crockett & Richardson – SMC. £5 Sold subject to payment

FRCC Centenary Journal – collection of the best FRCC Journal articles. £2

Climbing Guides

Llanberis – 2009 £4 - plastic cover is wrinkled, book and binding sound, lightly used.

Yorkshire Gritstone (2000) £4 - light use

Yorkshire Limestone £4 (1998) £4 - light use

Climbing training books

Racing Weight- training guide for endurance athletes, perfect for alpinists, Scottish winter masochists and Bob Graham hopefuls. £3

American books about training:

Performance Rock Climbing. £3

Maximum Climbing. £3

Training for Climbers. £3

The Rock Warriors Way – developing a positive psychology for your climbing. £3

 lieraza 11 May 2022
In reply to Trevor Langhorne:

Have messaged you!

In reply to Trevor Langhorne:

Update: Now Sold.

The Climbing Essays – Perrin. The Munros (2006) – SMC. A Century of Scottish Mountaineering.

Now Sold subject to payment

Llanberis, The Rock Warrior's Way. I have a reserve buyer for The Rock Warrior's Way.

 penyolewen 11 May 2022
In reply to Trevor Langhorne:

Messaged you

In reply to Trevor Langhorne:

Now sold:

Llanberis and Rock Warrior's Way

Now sold subject to payment:

Preposterous Tales & FRCC Centenary Journal 


In reply to Trevor Langhorne:

Message for Stefan re Yorkshire Grit and Training book by Hörst. These books are currently still available and I have put them to one side for you. Please send me your email address as your UKC account says that you don't accept emails through that account.

In reply to Trevor Langhorne:

Now also sold subject to payment: 

Training for Climbers and Yorkshire Grit.

Remaining Titles:

Yorkshire Limestone (YMC)

Maximum Climbing (Hörst)

Racing Weight (Fitzgerald)

Performance Rock Climbing (Goddard & Neumann)

In reply to Trevor Langhorne:

All now sold. 

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