/ FS: Boreal Stingma and Krypto Shoes size 5/5.5

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river_lucy - on 26 Oct 2017 - user since 26/Sep/16

Price: £60
Price as shown in description or reasonable offer: to collect from Tilehurst, Reading (RG31) or buyer to pay postage

As these are discontinued shoes, I'd better explain about them! They're slightly aggressive, comfortable but very precise. Not too asymmetric and suit people with larger big toes. The Stingma are lace-up and the Krypto are velcro. Hold the foot well. Moderately stiff, but still flexible enough to really feel what you're standing on. I loved the Stingma so much that when they were discontinued, I bought all the remaining pairs in my size from Boreal. I'm only just finishing up with them (sniff). Great rubber for polished limestone!

Stingma, size 5/Euro 38, new (even though they were discontinued years ago!) as too small, £30
Stingma, size 5.5/Euro 38 3/4 (I think!), used and resoled, but the resole has made them a bit more asymmetric than my foot can handle. Uppers in good condition. £10
Krypto, size 5.5, new (another discontinued shoe!). These size small and I could never break them in for them to be comfortable for me, £20

If interested, contact Lucy on 07481 925686, or
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river_lucy - on 28 Oct 2017
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These are getting quite a lot of views, but no takers!

Do ask questions, or make me an offer (or let me know why you aren't interested, so I can maybe do something about it)

Thanks !
river_lucy - on 14 Nov 2017
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These have now been sold

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