/ FS: Rab 4-6 person group shelter, unused

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PM on 05 Jun 2018 - user since 05/Sep/03

Never used in anger. Only purchased around this time last year. Had it out the bag once in the house to investigate it, and have carried it in a dry-bag on a handful of outings. Apart from not having the shop tag on it any longer it's as-new.

Full spec is here:

Price: £35 (including postage*) RRP (and what I paid for it) is £55.

* In case this is unclear, I'm meaning you pay me £35 total, I pay whatever it is to post it to you.

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PM on 10 Jun 2018
In reply to PM: Wrong time of year and weather to be trying to shift one of these I guess, but this is still available.

PM on 11 Jun 2018
In reply to PM: Had a few people asking if I would part with this for less than £35. The short answer is no. : )


PM on 12 Jun 2018
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And so, only because that short-form clarification got a down-vote, here's the long answer:

  • I'm in no particular rush to sell this fine but no-longer required piece of equipment.
  • The clarification on the price being inflexible is intended to save people (both any almost-interested-enough parties, and myself) time.
  • I think £35 (minimum £15 less than you'll pay anywhere else I can find) is a pretty fair price for something in as-new condition, particularly considering that includes postage, packaging and time out my day to make a special trip to the dreaded post office queue.
  • The majority of the stuff I've passed on to other people in these forums over the years (mostly books, lately) I've given away for free, even when people have offered money, and paid postage at my own cost. This happens to not be one of those times.
  • I don't have any issues at all with the people who asked if I'd take less than £35, but likewise they should be aware that 'no' is a reasonable and polite answer to their reasonable and polite question.

Thank you for your interest (even the down-voter!)

PM on 12 Jun 2018
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This is now on its way to a new home and so no longer available. Thank you for your interest.

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