/ FS: Super Tough 30 ltr Aiguille Alpine Rucksack

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vishpatel - on 11 Jul 2018 - user since 16/May/13

Price: £70

I am selling the sack is because I have realised that I need a bigger sack as I am undertaking a multi day hike/wild camp later this month in the Lakes and am hoping to be able to use the sale of this to fund my purchase of one of their larger sacks. 

If you know Aiguille Alpine, then you don't really need to read on. 

If you have never heard of them, then what you need to know is that these sacks are incredibly tough, long lasting and designed by people who actually spend time outdoors. The company was started by Adrian Moore, an enthusiastic climber, in 1987, and they continue to make their sacks in the Lake District in a small village called Staveley. This is a company with a really strong heritage and values, they have not expanded to become a huge business, churning out unnecessary products, they have not out sourced production to the Far East and they are still massively in touch with the needs of people who spend a lot of time outdoors. 

If you are after a lightweight sack with lots of buckles, straps, pockets and other gizmos then this sack is definitely not for you. If on the other hand you are looking for a sack that will withstand years of abuse, is designed by outdoors people and has a strong heritage then look no further. 

This is the entry for the Gouter on their website: 

And this is their story and you can see the pedigree of their products: 

ThIs sack is a current model that Aiguille Alpine sell for £99.95 




This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.