/ Wanted: Black Diamond Quadrant ski tour boots

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Fran on 13 Jan 2018 - user since 16/Nov/08

Hi, I would really like Black Diamond Quadrant ski touring boots around size mondo 27/27.5/28

I need these because of the width and they don't make them anymore. I live near Glasgow but please let me know if you can sell me these and you don't live near Glasgow. I could do with them soon



philgriffiths - on 14 Jan 2018
In reply to Fran:

If you don't find a pair of Quadrants, I'd go to a good boot fitter and see if a pair of Salomon QST Pro would work. The QST Pros have a custom moldable shell that can go from 100mm up to 106mm wide if required, whereas the the Quadrants are 103mm wide. I skied in pretty much constant pain until Sole in Chamonix got my flipper feet into a pair Salomon Quest Pro boots (the previous version of the current QST Pros) a few seasons ago. The QST Pros have a good walk mode and Salomon do tech sole plates for them too - I use mine for everything from lift-based Alpine resort trips to touring in the wilds of Norway. I'm now into my fourth season in these boots and can't recommend them enough.

Fran on 14 Jan 2018
In reply to philgriffiths:

Hi Phil,

I can't thank you enough for this advice!! I have just measured my stupid feet and they are 103.5 mm wide so the fact these boots you recommend can go 106mm and be custom fitted has just solved my problem

I tried the Scott Cosmo 3 the other day and they are supposed to be wide. They were no good for me, even they were too narrow. I have been searching the net for those BD Quadrants and can only get sizes that are too small (new) or too big (used). I'm off to Greenland in October touring but I need boots this month and all of March for Scottish ski touring and I was starting to get very worried. You have just became my new hero!

I have a pair of touring boots someone gave me for free in my size but those also are too narrow.

Cheers Fran

philgriffiths - on 15 Jan 2018
In reply to Fran:

If you do already have a pair of boots that you think you'd be happy with, then it may be worth seeing if a good boot fitter could stretch the shells out for you - the cost for their time/expertise should be substantially cheaper than a new pair of boots... People on may be able to advise a good fitter near you?

Fran on 28 Jan 2018

Please remove all of this post as I have sorted my boots. No need for this post anymore. Fran


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