/ Wanted: Bouldering Pad - any size

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Harry_James_Climbing - on 12:12 Thu - user since 20/Mar/18

Looking for a pad or multiple pads for an upcoming trip to font - can travel up to London or most places on the South Coast - if not will happily pay for postage.

Even if you know someone who is looking to sell I will happily get in contact with them as I really need to be getting these pads soon.



UKB Shark - on 12:42 Thu
In reply to Harry_James_Climbing:

Might be worth considering hiring:

Don't know how up to date these prices are:


Font: S’cape, Karma, www.thehouse.fr, Fontainebl’hostel and Camping Ile de Boulancourt (8€ for one day, 15€ for two days and 25€ a week) all rent pads, as does the Pizzaria in Arbonne La Forêt​, randomly.

In reply to UKB Shark:

We have looked into renting pads but the cost is more like $35+ euros per week having just looked again. We are also looking at staying longer than that so the cost really begins to mount up.

Also if we want to go bouldering back in the UK it would be helpful to have our own pads to use - as of now hiring would be a last resort.

However the pizzaria may be worth a visit if not for pads but for pizza


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