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Wanted: Cheap beginners technical ice axes

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 Joegill98 (user since 13/Jul/19) 29 Dec 2020

I want to move into the world of ice climbing but can’t really afford to buy a brand new set of axes as I’m a student. 

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What's your budget?

 MisterPiggy 29 Dec 2020
In reply to Joegill98:

I'm in a similar position but managed to kit myself and my wife with axes, crampons, etc, etc on my tiny budget.

This forum often has good stuff selling inexpensively, and always has good advice on what's worth buying - use the search function. I picked up a choice pair of axes back in March.

It's taken almost a year but I've kitted out the two of us for less then £300, though the rope/harnesses/and her lid will have to be new, adding another £200.

UKC and eBay, especially the German site, was where we found our best bits. I also got some real bargains, which I sold on - the profit went to buying other bits of kit.

Be patient, do your homework, and you can set yourself up for around £300 and be ready in time for post-covid climbing in winter 2021/2. And if you can allocate some funds to a training course, you'll learn how to use your warthogs, snargs and other winter exotica. You'll find plenty of training resources too on UKC as well as more good advice than you know what to do with.

Good luck !

 Joegill98 30 Dec 2020
In reply to nickinscottishmountains:

Less than £200 preferably closer to £100

 cragtyke 30 Dec 2020
In reply to Joegill98:

Don't worry about it, by the time travel restrictions for the Peak, Lakes, Wales and Scotland are lifted it'll be summer anyway. You may pick some up cheaper then!

 rugah6 31 Dec 2020
In reply to Joegill98:

I've a pair of https://www.singingrock.com/edge  never been used

 Boi Bangor 03 Jan 2021
In reply to rugah6:

Are these still available?

 rugah6 07 Jan 2021
In reply to Boi Bangor:

Yes still going 

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