Wanted: Large expedition climbing pack

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 chucky (user since 05/Sep/05) 13 Oct 2021

I'm having trouble tracking down a large (70-100 litres ish) expedition climbing pack, needed for some upcoming work. Ideally lightish, toughish, designed for climbing rather than backpacking and therefore simple (i.e. no Osprey mesh-pocket rubbish, thank you!).

Does anyone have anything they're thinking of parting with please?

Some examples of suitable packs:

Mountain Hardwear South Col or AMG

Berghaus expedition light 80

Gregory Denali

Thanks a lot!

 leon 1 13 Oct 2021
In reply to chucky:You may be interested in my Lowe Alpine Metanoia 65-85 in Blue.
Its in good condition with no cuts or rips on it. I have however cut and slightly shortened the floating lid straps at the rear by an inch or so as they kept hitting the back of my neck in the wind. It would be quite easy to make them longer again if required.
 I'm looking for £85 which includes recorded P+P with Bank Transfer for payment
If you're interested let me know and I can send pics
Full specs are here.

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 dave_strachan 14 Oct 2021
In reply to chucky:

I have a macpac Glissade I would part with that is utterly bombproof and very comfortable. Not the lightest, but comfortable for anything up to 50kg loads...

 leon 1 14 Oct 2021
In reply to chucky: As I didn't hear from you Ive now sold the Metanoia on to another user. Good luck with the search for a pack.


 anyha 15 Oct 2021
In reply to chucky:

I have a Lowe Alpine Alpamayo 70-90. The lid and belt can be removed, bombproof.

Let me know if want some photos.


 chucky 15 Oct 2021

Thank you all very much for the offers, I am now sorted though. Fingers crossed it's the right tool for the job!

Thanks again.

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