/ Wanted: Money(chalk bag) for old rope

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mattcrack - on 09 Feb 2018 - user since 04/Sep/12

I need your retired ropes. In exchange for this I’ll make you a chalk bag using it and other upcycled outdoor related materials.


I have started making chalk bags, and other bags, from old outdoor gear including tents, clothing and retired climbing ropes. More info here

The trouble is getting the materials as I don’t use anything unless it’s not fit for it’s original purpose. Part of my motivation to do this is to stop this stuff ending up in landfill, which is where they would often go.


If you have an old rope that’s not fit for climbing anymore, or any other outdoor gear, then get in touch


Thanks in advance



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Doghouse - on 09 Feb 2018
In reply to mattcrack:

Where are you based?

Martin Bennett - on 27 Feb 2018
In reply to mattcrack:

If you can make a chalk bag with a closure that is (a) chalk proof (well, nearly so) and (b) closes and opens without effort, I'll swap an old rope for two such. I've struggled to find a chalk bag that meets these criteria since the demise of a Quechua one after 10 years.

Problem, it seems to me, is getting the rope to you - Royal Mail gets dear above 2kg. Don't know much about other carriers. Maybe you do?

megamonkeyman on 27 Feb 2018
In reply to mattcrack:

Love the idea, sent you an email.

Do we get to customise colours ect?

flopsicle - on 27 Feb 2018
In reply to mattcrack:

Would a 1980s gortex bivvy be of any use? Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but I love the chalk bags and could muster some old rope too.... 

BrendanO - on 27 Feb 2018
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You might already have thought if this, but...


we go to a few music festivals. LOTS of people buy cheap tents for these, abandon them at end of weekend. Honestly, we have had a half dozen tents we've "collected" by being among the last to leave, some with the tags still on. We generally replace broken poles etc the same way (we don't have any high-end tents) and there is always a massive pile of broken tents, burst airbeds, chairs, etc. by the bins. It's insane.


festivals are keen to up their green credentials, so I'm sure many would be delighted to be able to say some of their landfill was being upcycled. You'll get waay more stuff than you can use, I think. And a free tent. 


Good luck

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