Wanted: Mountain Equipment Ultrafleece trousers

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 Dave the Rave (user since 22/Jan/15) 20:02 Fri


Anyone got a pair of ME ultrafleece trousers they want to sell in Xl please? Or even the salopettes?

I’m looking for the ones from early 2000’s with the reinforcement on the seat and knees.

Inadvertently chucked a pair by mistake.

Cheers, Dave

 lithos 01:54 Sat
In reply to Dave the Rave:

got a pair not sure of size, will check for you but i think they are L

In reply to Dave the Rave:

If you get no offers do keep fingers crossed as they might becoming back - did you notice ME relaunched an Ultrafleece jacket this year?

UF is fantastic stuff . My wife would not be happy if I allowed ‘my’ pair of salopettes to go though, they have become her favourite post outdoor swim pull on legwear for the wet walk home.

In reply to lithos:

Thank you 

In reply to gneiss boots:

Yeah just bought a jacket but sizing was way off and not as good as my thirty year old one.

Hilltrek do some but without reinforcements.

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 Sealwife 08:30 Sat
In reply to Dave the Rave:

You could ask Hilltrek to do you a pair with added reinforcement.  I’m not sure what their current set-up is, but they certainly used to be very handy with a sewing machine and very helpful.

 lithos 11:19 Sat
In reply to lithos:

sorry they are medium....

In reply to Sealwife:

I see PHD and Hilltrek both use taiga fleece which IIRC is a lot like ultra fleece?

that fleece mountain jacket looks a lot like one I used to lust after in the F&T catalogue thirty years ago….

 minimike 15:34 Sat
In reply to Dave the Rave:

I used a pair for about 10 yrs and then retired them as winter pyjamas (12 yrs and counting). Trouble is I only have one pair, so when I wash them I have to remember to do it in the morning.. but it’s ok as they dry nice and fast!

In reply to Sealwife:

Thanks I will ask. 

In reply to lithos:

No worries thanks for looking 

In reply to Dr.S at work:

Hilltrek use Karisma which is the same I’m led to believe?

Saw that PHD jacket. Looks nice except for the colour. £250 too. 

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