Wanted: Size 1.5>3 boys climbing shoes

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 x12dan34 (user since 20/Oct/15)  UKC Supporter 14 Jul 2021

My son has predictably grown out of his current pair of shoes. If anyone has an okish pair gathering dust i would happily pay rehome them. Also have a pair of almost new boreal ninjas in green, size (kids) 12 I'd be willing to swap/sell if anyone interested. Lakes based. 


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I know we've got a pair that have been grown out of. I'll check the size but might be on the small side...

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Unfortunately they are UK size 1. 

 Caralynh 14 Jul 2021
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May be more than you plan to spend, but I've just picked up a new pair for my daughter from Decathlon for £15 if like me you can't find any secondhand.

 ColinAus 15 Jul 2021
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I've got a pair of Boreal Ninja junior in the 2 ½-3 ½ size that my kids have just grown out of if that size works?

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Hi there, i think those would work perfectly, if you still have them available to sell please.

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Thanks for the heads up, i will go give their site a look. 

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I got Decathlon ones for my children thinking they were a bargain. Unfortunately they are pretty useless for climbing, and keep slipping off their feet.

I've done better by getting old branded ones off ebay

In reply to Steve Claw:

Thanks for this, hopefully sorted with another pair of ninjas for him now so should be ok for another short period of time.

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