/ Wanted: Waterproof and primaloft jacket 44/45 chest

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Denni (user since 22/Feb/06)06 Sep 2019

Hi folks,

my mate is coming over from Australia and is after a waterproof jacket and a warm primaloft jacket for Scottish winter. Chest size 44/45. He is a large in RAB, TNF etc etc

Thanks, Den 

Martin Bennett 06 Sep 2019
In reply to Denni:

I have 2 synthetic insulation jackets surplus since others came along. Both large. A Haglofs Barrier jacket in black and a Montane Prism hood in blue. Let me know if  of interest will you please?

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Denni 07 Sep 2019
In reply to Martin Bennett:

Hi Martin,

thanks for the reply. I sent him the details but wouldn't you say the chest sizes, after looking online, are too small for a 44?


Martin Bennett 07 Sep 2019
In reply to Denni:

That may well be the case Denni. I'm just going on the fact that they're labelled Large and too big for me, being as I am a 40-41" chest. I've not been in any way scientific in researching typical sizes from these manufacturers, neither of which I'm widely experienced with. More of a Mtn Eqpt and Marmot devotee with a bit of RAB on the  side!

crustypunkuk 09 Sep 2019
In reply to Denni:

Hi Den, hope all's well.

Ive got a Millet belay jacket which might be spot on. I forget the actual product name, but its primaloft, Gore active waterproof/windstopper outer. Its labelled as an xl, but ive always found it slightly smaller than my other xl jackets and consequently hasn't been worn much.

Alternatively i also have a rab xenon x available. Its also xl however, but a proper sized xl so may be too big?

Gimme a shout if either are of any use to you.



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Denni 22 Sep 2019
In reply to crustypunkuk:

Hi folks,

he is sorted for a layer jacket but still after a waterproof jacket.



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