FS: Women's climbing shoes, various

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 Cherry Bedford (user since 06/Jan/09) 07 Apr 2021

Price: £85

Price: £85

Price: £85

Women's climbing shoes for sale:

Scarpa Vapour V size 39.5 £25 Good nick, lots of rubber left

5:10 Anasazi Velcro size 40 £10 

La Sportiva Katana size 38 £10 could do with a resole

La Sportiva Katana size 38 £40 unused since resoling 

Collection from walls/crags in Devon or postage for cost. Offer considered

 Mehwishk 14 Apr 2021

La Sportiva Solutions is what I've got. They didn't suit my foot at all when I first put them on when I first started climbing. I went back to try them on three years later, they fit, and they've become my favorite shoe. However, I have to squeeze my foot into them for a few months before they feel even close to comfortable. I should actually be wearing a size 35, but I'm wearing a 34.5 to keep the heel in place.

They're my favorite because the heel is smooth and uniform all the way around, they're aggressive, and the toe is only sensitive enough to feel edges without hurting. The Velcro makes it easy to put on and take off. On top, there's enough rubber to catch a toe hook.

 Abi Chard 15 Apr 2021
In reply to Cherry Bedford:

I might be interested in the vapours. Could you send a pic, especially of the toes?

 Cherry Bedford 17 Apr 2021
In reply to Abi Chard:

Can you email me Abi and I'll send you the photos? I can't find a way to attach photos from the ukc email form at this end.

Thanks, Cherry

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