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riff156 - on 06 Dec 2012
Thinking of buying an 80m rope, now i was expecting to pay in the region of £ 180.00 but i have found a company on e bay importing Elderid boa's 80 metre, although they call them elderid freedoms at approx £ 105.00 anyone got any thoughts on this, could it be a scam ??? should i give it a wide berth
the item no on e bay is EAN:

4021574083318 if anyone wants to check it out

Cheers steve

PS If anyone has any recomendations of where to get an 80 m rope please let me know
Kevster - on 07 Dec 2012
In reply to riff156:
Buy what you're happy with. If it comes genuinely with all the ticket(s), then a good price for an 80m rope. (I quite like Edelrid)
a couple of things:
1) as the main item keeping you from the floor, is a bargin really a bargin? -If you are unsure, then spend a few more quid (what is 50-100 quid over 5-6 years? vs your life/confidence). If you are happy it is good, then bargin, tick!
2) Boa is somewhere about 10mm thick, I know folk will say it isn't much heavier, but believe me, an 80m rope is a long/heavy/bulky item. Can you carry the weight? is the extra bulk OK? Can you climb beyond 30m without massive drag? If these are good, then bargin, tick!
and finally,
3) Really skinny ropes have a character to themselves - slick, stretchy and not always easy to belay when new. Thick ropes are great for the head, but not all that in action or practicality some of the time.

I spent good money on a reasonable 80m rope, I have and will use it again (over new year) to its full, so have no issue having spent the money. Do you actually need a rope this long? If you do, then it'll be in Europe. Airline weight limits are important. So is wear resistance. Fat, thin, light, heavy, treated etc are questions you can only answer. Buy wisely though, and when you do, remember 50 quid is not a huge amount of money in the grand scale of life. Nothing worse than buying the wrong kit.

I think I am saying, balance cost with effectiveness/usefullness/trustworthyness.

Personally, I'd buy from a source I knew and trusted, a brand which I know and would make sure it was light enough without looking down and thinking "F~~# me that's thin" when about to embark on the crux at 35m.
Cost comes last.

What ever you decide, invest in the best you can.

Johann - on 07 Dec 2012
In reply to riff156:


i bought 80m boa and have been using it a lot over the last month in chorro (5 days/week).

9.8mm, handles very well, is lasting superbly. paid 140 euros in the local climbing shop.

i'd recommend it.


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