Alpine pack that is also suitable for Hiking

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 oceannash909 04 Jun 2021

Hello all

Looking for an Alpine pack that is around 50 -75 litres that is suitable for both climbing, Alpine and hiking, obviously any pack can be used for hiking however Im looking for something with a beefy hip-belt. Obviously there are going to be trade offs but willing to make some sacrifices. Currently looking at the Black Diamond mission pack and speed pack, but also the Patagonia ascensionist 55. But do you guys have any other recommendations? 

 Doug 04 Jun 2021
In reply to oceannash909:

really like my Macpac Ascent but I've no idea if they still sell them or if they've changed the design since I bought mine back in the mid 90s.

 leon 1 04 Jun 2021
In reply to oceannash909: You may be interested in my Lowe Alpine Metanoia 65-85 in Blue.
Its in very good condition with no cuts or rips on it. I have however cut and slightly shortened the floating lid straps at the rear by an inch or so as they kept hitting the back of my neck in the wind. It would be quite easy to make them longer again if required. Otherwise the sac is in great condition.
 I'm looking for £75 which includes recorded P+P with Bank Transfer for payment
If you're interested let me know and I can send pics
Full specs are here. 

 Mark Haward 04 Jun 2021
In reply to oceannash909:

What sort of alpine climbing do you do and where? It does rather depend on the kit you have or intend to purchase, your experience and the sorts of routes you want to do. For the European alps if you are using huts or doing shorter 'day hit' routes then a much smaller pack can be used such as a 25-40 litres ( or even smaller ), great for alpine and climbing but then it would not be suitable for multi day hikes. If you regularly bivvy / camp out then a larger pack, perhaps 40-50 litres would be more suitable. 75 litres seems excessive to me unless on an expedition or in a more remote area.

    One tip would be to put all the equipment you regularly actually use for the alpine routes you do into one pile and see how many litres your pack needs to be. ( You can borrow some rucksacks or dry bags to see what size suits ). If the pack is designed for it bulky items such as a helmet and ropes can be on the outside of the sack so you can have a smaller lighter pack for actually climbing in.

    Another option is to go with a pack that can be adapted. For example in the Crux range, others are available, there is a 50 litre pack that can be used to carry heaver loads but then stripped down by removing the waist belt, lid, back supports to make a much lighter and streamlined pack for climbing in.

   Above all else, once you have chosen a size that suits your needs, try different ones out with loads in ( ropes can be useful for this ) as rucksack fitting can be very personal.


 oceannash909 04 Jun 2021
In reply to leon 1:

Cheers, The pack looks perfect, but I would buy it from you but i'm currently trying to save up some cash and I don't yet have the sufficient amount. When I do however, ill try contacting you. Appreciate your suggestion!

 leon 1 06 Jun 2021
In reply to oceannash909:  OK thanks

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