Alpkit repair service experiences?

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 GraMc 13 Apr 2021


I need to get a zipper on a down jacket repaired and looking at getting the sleeves on my nano puff cut off and some elastic hems sewn on to turn it into a vest.

Does anyone have any experience of the alpkit repair service, particularly I'm wondering if they'll make a decent job of the nano puff?


 G. Tiger, Esq. 13 Apr 2021
In reply to GraMc:

They did a really good job on my mum's down jacket when she set one of the sleeves on fire. If I remember rightly they did it for free, or for a fiver or so, but possibly before their repair service was up and running as a commercial operation. 

But they did a good job, very hard to tell.


In reply to GraMc:

Patagonia do free repairs. You could email them and ask if they'll remove the sleeves for free. They may well do - your sleeves can then go towards a repair of someone else's clothing.

...... or buy the Nano Puff vest?!

In reply to GraMc:

A vest usually has smaller armscye (arm holes) than a jacket, as it doesn't need to deal with arm raise. Removing the sleeves from a jacket may leave you with a vest with big holes...

 GraMc 13 Apr 2021
In reply to captain paranoia:

Ohh good beta - maybe I'll give patagonia repair folks a shout

 GraMc 13 Apr 2021
In reply to nickinscottishmountains:

Too skint for buying an expensive vest I'll give thier repair service a shout tho

 yeti 14 Apr 2021
In reply to captain paranoia:

well well, you learn something new every day

"armscye"  never heard the word before and I've only been in the sewing industry since 1977

In reply to yeti:

Interesting. I wonder if it's more a pattern-cutting than sewing thing.

I suppose using armscye avoids the old armhole/arsehole confusion that can cause trouble in a noisy workplace...

In reply to GraMc:

I've just had first class service from Patagonia for repair of a Nano Air and an R1 hoodie. It wasn't especially quick (but totally understandable given the times), but the repair company that they use in the UK did a very good job indeed of both. Amazing in fact. I wasn't expecting much from the nano air (my own fault - I managed to set it alight - don't ask!!) and thought it was for the bin. The repair is visible, but the jacket is functionally as good as it was when new.

Couldn't recommend both Patagonia and Lancashire Sports Repairs in Burnley enough. Patagonia even emailed a pre paid label through to me for the carriage costs down to Burnley.

 mike123 14 Apr 2021
In reply to Graham Briffett:

Good to hear that patagucci are having stuff repaired in the uk . The last warranty repairs I had done ( three zips ) were posted off to Portugal which didn’t seem that “ green “ or that efficient . Took ages . Excellent job though  as always . 

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