Anasazi VCS vs Unparallel UP Rise VCS

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 ripper 26 Feb 2022

Anyone here moved on from old (ie. pre-Adidas) Anasazi velcros to the UP equivalent? 

I'm interested to hear if there are any noticeable differences in fit, size, comfort, stiffness, how they are for wide-ish, square-ish feet, or just anything about how much the same or different they are, please?


In reply to ripper:

One thing I can definitely say is that the heel rand doesn't tend to peel off so much on the unparallel but the heel lip is less pronounced so not quite as good at hooking on edges. 

 Simon Pelly 28 Feb 2022
In reply to ripper:

I have just moved from a pre-Adidas Anasazi velcro size 9 to a UP Rise LV size 9 

So far so good. I did try the UP Rise (non LV) and felt it was too roomy on the toe box.

The sole feels a little softer. The heel profile is a little less aggressively shaped.


 wbo2 28 Feb 2022
In reply to ripper: Isn't there a 10 year gap inbetween ?  They must have lasted well 

 j_duds 28 Feb 2022
In reply to ripper:

Ups are softer after 4 months of twice weekly use compared to Anasazis. 

Also try them on, as I got a size that fit my feet in the shop, but they either stretched slightly or I got them 1/4 size too big. They are roomy and possibly have slightly different toe shape to the Anasazis. My little toe sometimes feels bunched if I put the boots on quickly! 

I've had Anasazis for last 6 or so year's and am genuinely upset they have changed them! 

I'm still on a look out for new shoes comparable to the old Anasazi! I may buy the NIADs, or /and I may try a size down of the UPs. 

 DannyLamby 02 Mar 2022

Moved over to Up rise LV from pre-addidas Anasazi VCS last summer and love them.

In terms of comparison its hard to say as the Anasazis were quite large fit anyway (first shoe) and I moved to the LV model for the UPs but I've been using the UPs for crack climbing, slabs and a general gym climbing and love em, defo worth trying on in a shop

 PaulTanton 02 Mar 2022
In reply to ripper:

UP are not a patch on five ten velcros. 
I’ve used tennies for years a a good all round shoe for trad. 
the UP version (LV) are a bit too soft in the front and not as good a fit. I’m also not convinced the rubber is as good.

bring back the original five ten velcros please 🙏 


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