/ Anyone got any experience of Haglofs Roc 35?

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monkeys on 26 Feb 2013
I'm in need of a winter pack around 35 litres, with excellent transfer of weight to hips as have a lower back problem.
Haglofs Roc 35 a possibility (from reading reviews), but never seen one in the flesh up here in Edinburgh.
Any experience of this pack ?
threepeaks on 28 Feb 2013
In reply to monkeys: You can my original review here:

We have reviewed the newer Roc Hard here:
Not sure what has happened to the photos in thatb review though.

Haglofs have also updtaed the Roc and we are awaiting one for review.

Great packs - totally bombroof and very functional.
monkeys on 28 Feb 2013
In reply to wildspaces:
Thanks very much. I had already read your original review.
Biggest importance is excellent weight transfer from back to hips, to protect my knackered lumbar discs. Have been using Karrimor Boma (now for sale in Classified section) for years, which has been great at weight transfer, but it is now too heavy (2,5kg and 45 litre capacity)for my needs as I don't haul so much weight any more.
sean1 - on 09 Mar 2013
In reply to monkeys:
I have had and been using the Roc 35 for the past 18 months. I have used it mainly as my climbing pack. It is well made and very durable. Lots of nice features. It is a comfortable pack and weights well to the hips as long as you don't overload it. Overloading would be a full climbers rack and gear, lunch, 2 litres of water, a spare top and two half ropes. This is a lot of weight for this pack and is comfortable for a half hour walk. otherwise it is a comfortable pack for longer walks in the hills and to crags. Hope this helps.
monkeys on 10 Mar 2013
In reply to sean1:
Thanks sean1 for the review. Helps a lot.

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