/ Anyone used a petzl Navaho or avao?

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Concretesnail - on 28 Jul 2013
I'm after any views on either the petzl Navaho or avao. I've become sick of using hire harnesses, which are just poor, for work and as both these harness can have a chest section added and comply with fall arresting HSE guidelines they are on my list to be looked at. But Id like to know if anyone has climbed in them? At the moment I'm only really bouldering but if I buy a harness which can be used as a fall arrest I could, in theory, climbing in it too and just add the chest section when needed. Thanks
Adam Lincoln - on 28 Jul 2013
In reply to Concretesnail:

In theory you could use them as climbing harnesses but you would look a bit stupid if you turned up at the crag with one! spend the extra £50 and get a proper climbing harness.

As an aside, as a work harness, the avao is a bit over designed. The navaho does the job just fine. No silly ASAP keeper on the top bod, no silly down pointing gear loops that bunch everything at the front and make it hard to get stuff unclipped. No trapping your balls as the avao seems too.

Can you tell iam not a fan!
Adam Long - on 28 Jul 2013
In reply to Concretesnail:

If you really want a harness you can use for work and sport I would look at a Falcon. Add a Top Croll and a Podium (seat) for work and you'd have a workable setup. Expect some funny looks/ ignorance/ or even outright bans from wall staff though, they won't be used to seeing a harness with a D-ring.

Word on the street is the design of the Avao is being tweaked following the inital batch, which were too tight around the crotch as Adam mentions. Navahos are now only available new as old stock - we have a couple left I think. The best feature of the new Petzl harnesses is the seat clip in loops - unfortunately they are only on the Bod which otherwise is not as comfortable! Work in progress I reckon...
jimtitt - on 29 Jul 2013
In reply to Concretesnail:

I´ve climbed in a Navaho as I used to use one for bolting routes, it works but it certainly is far from ideal. Probably o.k for top roping but a clumsy thing for leading harder routes (by my standards that is!).
Tamati - on 29 Jul 2013
In reply to Concretesnail:

Since my navaho cost well over 100 and is used for work. I wouldn't really want to trash it at the weekends too.
A climbing harness costs far less and is much better designed for the activity.

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