/ Arbortec Scafell boots... anyone?

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GarethSL on 19 May 2012
Yet another probing thread and these actually hit the spot with all my requirements I listed in this thread (thanks to those who replied);

So I'm sure there must be a couple of arborists lurking around here or anyone who has used/ come across these boots?

I'm after the brown model in particular;

As they have all the features I wanted plus a few extras... ballistic, bombproof whatever, but also the steel toecap is a big benefit as these will be work boots too.

So can anyone corroborate others opinions that they are a crap boot that falls apart after a month and I should stay well away?
IOAN D - on 19 May 2012
In reply to GrendeI: they look a great model, very stylish i should say. My experience and fellow friends say that these type of boot tend to fall apart after a short while due to the non basic build of them. Personally i have not had a pair of this type. If i can recommend a boot it would deffinetly by from Haix, be that from the blue ridge to the trekker. Bombproof boots that i use and abuse everyday. Brilliant from felling in the woods in boggy ground up to your knees to teetering on the thinnest branches. Im also a drystone waller too and use these day to day with stone and also get them covered in cement day to day too


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.