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abgeneigt on 10 Feb 2004 - whois?
I am new to the world of climing and I was planning on getting the Arc Teryx Theta A/R jacket. Does Arc Teryx come out with new gear each year? That being the case, should I postpone a purchase until the new gear is introduced?

Thanks for any help,
HeMa on 10 Feb 2004
In reply to abgeneigt:

Theta AR has been a benchmark waterproof/breatable-jacket for a couple of years now. And yes Arc'Teryx does new stuff, but usually doesn't change a working formula (Theta AR, Beta AR, Alpha etc.).

So if you get Theta at a good price just buy it.

Just a thought though, do you really need a w/b-jacket and would a softshell do.
abgeneigt on 10 Feb 2004 - whois?
In reply to HeMa:

Thanks for the help. I think I need a bit more waterproof jacket than a softshell. I just got back from heli-skiing in British Columbia and I was soaked,...and it was -50 farenhight (sp.). Do you think the Theta AR is a good purchase?
Valerie on 10 Feb 2004 - []
In reply to abgeneigt:
I've got a Beta AR jacket, which I find absolutely brilliant. For a Gore jacket it's really light, nice and simple with no fussy gimicks. Only problem is that it is quite short at the front. I know that this is so that it doesn't get in the way of your harness but it tends to ride up further when you do up the waist strap of your pack. If I recall the Theta is that little bit longer. It wasn't on sale when I was buying mine though!
HeMa on 10 Feb 2004
In reply to abgeneigt:

Theta AR is a good choice for w/b-jacket, I personally have had Beta AR for 4 years now I have been really content with it (a bit short as said before).

So if Theta fits you and the price is good, go for it.
Dave - on 10 Feb 2004
In reply to abgeneigt:

The Theta AR has been one of Arc'teryx's best selling jackets which has only had detail improvements over the years. There are no major changes with it coming. Its longer than the Beta AR and more suited as an allround jacket. The Beta AR of the last year or so is an inch longer at the front than the original Beta AR model but its still fairly short.

IMO there is nothing to touch Arc'teryx in terms of the quality and functionality of the gear.

Benson on 11 Feb 2004 -
In reply to Dave: Summit Dave would you know the where abouts of one Neil Mcgeek? did work at Glasgow cc.
belfastphill on 12 Feb 2004 -
In reply to abgeneigt: it i can get an ethereal ice parks by mountain hardware for 190 notes, is it worth the money, or shoulf i wait and go for the arcteryx jacket?

Anonymous on 13 Feb 2004 -
re: ethereal ice

The classic answer "it depends".

It depends on: what do you want to do with your jacket?

If it's strictly skiing, maybe the ice is made from more durable fabric?

But, if you plan to use it in the rain at all, get the
Theta ar

It's their top selling jacket over the alpha sv for THREE
main reasons:

1. The collar can go up without the hood going up, and the "drop" hood fits better than an "zip oout collar" hood

2. Handpockets - the SV is reach across only for climbers
for multi purpose, theta ar is better

3. storm skirt (if I am not mistaken, feel free to correct!)

The only main design change I DON'T like is the removal of the front storm flap.
Call em crazy, but I don't like the idea of an exposed zipper, period. If it fails..then what?
At least the snaps keep the jacket shut.

For skiing, sheck out the "descent" line, lots of good options. The cut is a little roomier for winter layering

But the arc'teryx shells are the best out there.

Patagonia Torre and Super Alpine are no longer made.
The Patagonia Ice Nince is a lesser descendent of those two classic shells (had all 3)

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