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illepo - on 10 Jan 2018
Can someone recommend a hiking/camping backpack that opens the main compartment with a zip? I really dislike top loading backpacks for hiking if I need to pull out things with any regularity.
I've spent ages looking but can't find something that matches that, but that may be because of the huge amount of choice of hiking backpacks.

I thought someone on UKC might know of what I'm looking for,

Toerag - on 10 Jan 2018
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Maybe an old Jack Wolfskin 'Spider' from the 90's which is 50+15 or 60+15 and has a zip down most of the front of the pack? Rare as rocking horse dung though....
kmhphoto - on 10 Jan 2018
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Gregory Baltoro is top loading but also has a large zip to access the main compartment. Its not the lightest of bags but extremely comfortable.
GarethSL on 10 Jan 2018
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The Arc'teryx Bora packs, similarly to the gregory pack, has a side zip opening.

If you can push it down to 60L there is the Khard 60, which opens up entirely... crazy expensive and probably on the small side.

The Khard series was pretty well regarded in the military circles which spawned a number of spin-off products. Mystery Ranch probably comes closest to what you are after but again anything over 50L is looking hard to find. But I'm too lazy to look properly for you.
Bellie on 10 Jan 2018
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Decathlon do a decent Symbium access rucksack.. Not the lightest, but very comfy on. Full zip. £100 I have the 60+10 which is now no longer available. I also have a spare one in grey and blue if its of interest. (going cheap never used) Its specified as female fit, but apart from about a cm thinner shoulder padding thats about it... when Ive compared them.

They also do a cheaper one Forclaz Easifit 70L which has full zip front. Although not as sturdy so I'm told.

Salewa do a 60+10 Cammino with a front zip £95

The Osprey Kestrel 68 has a side pocket which allows full access to the inside from it. £120 ish

Mountain Warehouse to a cheapish (and not bad for them) rucksack Inca Extreme 65L which although not obvious from the pics on the website opens fully from the front as well.. for about £75
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illepo - on 11 Jan 2018
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thanks for the suggestions, i'll give these a look and see

spiderbro - on 16 Jan 2018
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Check out Exped's Thunder 70

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