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 Philchris 04 Jun 2022

Does anyone know of a base layer brand that has a longer than average body? I'm a lanky 6' 3" but pretty skinny and find it difficult to get base layers that have a decent length in the torso. Alpkit, helly hansen and bergahus are all no good. The best I've found has been ice breaker but they also break the bank so I'm after something a bit cheaper!

 Forester3 04 Jun 2022
In reply to Philchris: I’ve noted Rab tops generally seem quite long in the body. Long sleeves too!

 MarkAstley 04 Jun 2022
In reply to Philchris:

I'm 6'0" (fairly thin as well, 11 & 1/2 stone ish) and use Nike dry fit skins, they're pretty long, mind they're a few years old so they may have stretched, but only the length, not width or arms.


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 J101 04 Jun 2022
In reply to Philchris:

My BAM bamboo base layers are very long (in size small so pretty skinny still) but then I'm only 5'10".

Might not be the material you're after anyway and I last bought a load a few years ago now so can't speak for the latest designs but might be worth a look

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 johnlc 05 Jun 2022
In reply to Philchris:

This might be a bit speculative but Lands End do stuff for very tall people.  I know they are more of a high street fashion brand but they do do some stuff that is more outdoorsy.  It might be that they have something suitable.  I am 6'6'' and 12 3/4 stone and they do stuff that fits me well.

 Inhambane 05 Jun 2022
In reply to Forester3:

i've found the opposite in rab base layers, im 6'4'' and they always seem to come up shorter than many others.  Perhaps it depends on where your trousers sit. 

North face large are longish but a bit flappy 

Patagonia large are long and don't ride out the harness but are not skin tight 

 Siward 05 Jun 2022
In reply to Philchris:

Have some (now very old but still very good) sub zero thermals that are plenty long enough. The risk is that these days they've reduced the amount of material (probably calling it lightweight!) but worth a punt?

OP Philchris 05 Jun 2022
In reply to Philchris:

Thanks all, plenty there to have a go at. Looks like I might not be the only one suffering a cold back and belly when I walk!

 Sans-Plan 05 Jun 2022
In reply to Philchris:

I like a longer base layer and always find Odlo are pretty long in the body.

In reply to Philchris:

Have a look at Keela - - their ADS (synthetic) and Merino tops look to be a decent length. In fact, one of the reviews for the Merino top mentions the long length.

FWIW I've had synthetic base layer bottoms (long johns) from them; they're fine.

 mik82 05 Jun 2022
In reply to Philchris:

I've got two icebreaker base layers that are 15 years old and still fine so worth bearing in mind if they seem expensive (and are still made to the same standard).

 LastBoyScout 05 Jun 2022
In reply to Philchris:

My Patagonia base layer is very long in the body.

Maybe also try Sportful cycling stuff - they seem to be geared for tall, slim physiques.

OP Philchris 06 Jun 2022
In reply to Philchris:

Thanks again all, some great suggestions. Just to add to the conversation, I have tried ice breaker and sportwool, both of which have been great but I just can't justify the cost; maybe I just need to stop being tight and let the moths out of the wallet! My last ice breaker top I got from a pal in New Zealand and wore until it resembled a string vest - the top, not the pal. 

In reply to Philchris:

I find Mountain Equipment is generally longer in the body than Rab. Patagonia is far too short in the body for me. 

 tallsteve 06 Jun 2022
In reply to Philchris:

You need to look at they export to the UK and the price includes delivery, import duty.

They do TALL sizes for almost everything.  Checkout their silk base layer.  Silk is really warm for the wight and not sweaty. 

I am 6' 6" and ski and walk in their kit, though just watch out for taped seams on waterproof stuff as in the UK its standard, but in the US not necessarily so!

 GarethSL 06 Jun 2022
In reply to Philchris:

If you don't mind second hand the old Arc'teryx Rho LTW, Eon SLW and Satoro AR merino base layers were specifically designed to ride low over your rear to prevent them slipping out of trouser waistbands. Size up for a comfortable fit as they are very slim. For synthetic; the Rho LT, Phase SL and AR have the same pattern and fit. I had the same problem as you and these were some of the best purchases I have ever made.

If you shop around they can come in quite cheap on ebay etc.

In reply to GarethSL:

I have a couple of Mountain Warehouse tops. Good value and long in the body.

 jim182 07 Jun 2022
In reply to Philchris:

Tog 24 was always quite long in the past. Haven’t been for a while so not sure what the range is like

 Jack Luke 07 Jun 2022
In reply to Philchris:

Brynje base layers are truly excellent and come up very long. Wearing one as a sort of saucy peach flashing dress while getting ready for a cycle is a source of endless amusement for my partner. 

A second vote for Sportful – also very long and the deep winter options are outrageously toasty.

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