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The Bouldering Badger - on 27 Apr 2013
This will be my first summer of roped climbing outdoors and I'm looking for a bit of advice about kit. I've only ever climbed indoors so everything I've used has been hired and I've only top roped. I want to try trad and sport but don't really know what I need. Presumably some of the kit will be available second hand but what is acceptable to buy second hand and what isn't? Any info regarding what I need to get would be very appreciated.
Nougatkatja - on 27 Apr 2013
In reply to The Bouldering Badger:
Unless you don't know the former owner very well and trust him, I wouldn't buy anything second hand, because you will never know what the gear went through...
Reading the following article, you should see what you'll need for your upcoming adventures.
Jimbo C - on 27 Apr 2013
In reply to The Bouldering Badger:

Buying second hand gear can work out really well. Take a look at the for sale/wanted forum on here. Yes, there is a risk of buying gear that is past its recommended lifespan but from experience the sellers on this board are genuine and happy to give a history of usage (eg, how old, how often it was used, has it taken falls, has it been in frequent contact with sea water). The olny thing I wouldn't buy 2nd hand would be 'soft' items like slings, ropes and harnesses because they have a shorter lifespan than 'hard' items and damage may be less obvious.

Otherwise, there are plenty of articles and past forum posts about what gear you will need to start out. Also, if you've not already done so, I'd recommend reading up on ropework, setting up belays, abseiling, etc and practicing before topping out your first trad lead. Hope you have a good first season.
tlm - on 27 Apr 2013
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One thing that you could try is to meet other local climbers via any local clubs. You can often then get experience of seconding climbs using the other person's gear (as long as you have your own helmet, harness, nut key, shoes). and can get all sorts of experience in seeing what other people do, and can also share lifts to the crags etc. Some clubs even have huts that you can use...,huts
RichardP - on 27 Apr 2013
In reply to The Bouldering Badger:
If I were you, I'd buy a Helmet, harnes, HMS screwgate and belay device.
Thezse will be your basics as you will need them if you are seconding someone else aswell as leading.

As has been mensioned before get to know local climbers and maybe get to know someone who can be a climbing partner. that way you can build up a lead rack between you. share the cost and the gear
itsonlyRick - on 28 Apr 2013
In reply to The Bouldering Badger: I personally wouldn't buy anything second hand unless it's a close friend but if the seller is trusted go for it. If you don't already own your own protective gear get that (helmet for sure) don't spend lots of money on a harness, wild country have some really nice and cheap ones. Decent shoes, remember you're first few seasons out will probably be in or around the same crags so tailor your shoes and gear accordingly! As for other gear, Wild country helium friends for your cams get sizes 1 to 4 and slowly fill in the gaps. Decent range of nuts, a few slings. And I'd say 5 medium size quikdraws and 2 long ones. Try build a rack up with a buddy ( one getting cams the other getting everything else) and most important be careful, your first few times out are make or break...literally. I'm sure you will know people at your local Gym, try get out with them and watch carefully (rigging and such) have fun mate!

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