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mike123 - on 27 Jan 2014
I m busy sorting kit / washing for a wee holiday and realised I have 2 old patagucci R 1 thermals , which has made me feel proud/amused . Several years ago myself and cragging partner were whiling away a wet afternoon in a now defunct but then very popular south lakes gear shop. The then manager , a well known local, who I knew by reputation , had already informed me that there was no point me buying the axes I was eying off because I would never climb hard enough to warrant them ( true and taken in good spirit) , but using language somewhat less polite. Bored with insulting me he wandered over to a poor unknowing couple who we're looking at patagucci thermals and may have had the temerity to comment a bit too loudly on the high price. The thermal was unceremoniously taken from them , And held up to the rest of the shop. "These are the best f:;(£&)g thermals money can buy. Anybody who doesn't own two of these is a c:, t ".

I m always relieved when I put the two of them in the wash together.

(Not hard to guess who it was. Please don't post a name)
WJV0912 on 27 Jan 2014
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Hahaha what a character. I've no idea who this guy is but that made me chuckle.
stucknortherner on 27 Jan 2014
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Brilliant story.
I wonder why the shop went defunct...?
L.A. on 27 Jan 2014
In reply to mike123: Good for him (for it can only be the one person) not enough like him around nowadays unfortunately
A favourite of mine was..
Alpine Sports in Kensington High St in the mid 80`s.
The shop opened at 10am and my 'friend' and a couple of others were in early at 9-30. A loud knocking at the door and theres 2 big guys, smartly dressed flashing warrant cards. Friend opens the door and the two bodyguards tell him that a certain royal princess (Again no names mentioned but now deceased, and not good on directions in the Paris peripherique)wanted to do some shopping for an upcoming ski trip before the public or press could get in.
The Princess comes in and buys various bits and pieces and is very pleasant. She then says to him that she wants a toque (a posh name for a beanie apparently)
My friend looks at her curiously and asks her just what did she want to talk about ?
She storms out, two bodyguards trying not to wet themselves pay and an awful realization dawns upon my friend..

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.