Black Diamond 7.9 Dry half rope

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Has anyone used one of these ropes? They're sold by Go Outdoors and seem to be the cheapest 60 mtr dry half rope I can find currently, so it seemed possible someone else has worked this out and bought one.

Any experiences great fully received - do they wear ok? Do they handle ok? 7.9 sounds very skinny - but I'm old so still think of half ropes as being "nines" even though I don't think Ive had a 9mm half since the 90s!

Cheers all.

In reply to TobyA:

Hmm - I'm not sure if they are a newish model for sale at GO, or just whether everyone else has, a bit like me, looked at the 7.9 number and thought "that sounds very skinny... maybe a bit too skinny", but perhaps this isn't a case where no news is good news! Decathlon don't seem to have any stock anywhere of their dry, half ropes...

In reply to TobyA:

> Decathlon don't seem to have any stock anywhere of their dry, half ropes...

Well, that's not quite true, but if you're nervous about 7.9mm...

In reply to TobyA: I use Edelrid Apus 7.9mm ropes all the time, I find them excellent.

In reply to Suncream:

Cheers - I somehow missed that as an option! I don't suppose you have one?

In reply to Martin Haworth:

What belay device do use with them Martin and do you consider what device your partner has? I was just looking at some of my belay devices - for 7.9s like you have my Pivot or Megajul would be fine. But only the pivot for the Decathlon 7.5s. I have an elderly ATC Guide but my son took that off to uni with him, and also a Reverso - according to Petzl's website they are fine with skinny doubles but mine is old and a bit worn so I suspect might not be as a grippy now! 

 Gary Latter 06 Jan 2023
In reply to TobyA:

I've been using a pair of Mammut 8.0mm ropes last couple years, think they're brilliant. Just rock climbing though (no white shite!)... I even bought a pair of 70s in a deal and chopped them into a pair of 40s & pair of 30s, instead of lugging a pair of 60s around. 

Used alongside those Edelrid 19g karabiners & quickdraws, and Ultralight camalots, the weight saving is considerable.

I've recently purchased a couple of Edelrid Starling Pro Dry 8.2mm ropes. These have a cut resistant Aramid sheath, so less worrying about sharp edges.

In reply to TobyA: I mostly use a Reverso and it works fine. I do also have a Reversino and a bugette. On Multi-pitch and Alpine routes I might use the Reversino as it is lighter, and I carry the Bugette as a back up.

In reply to TobyA:

I can report that the Pivot has plenty of grab when used with Apus 7.9 - this is my standard combination and it works perfectly well.

In reply to TobyA:

I do: literally the first time out with them I was abseiling on Chamonix granite, the ropes jumped sideways as happens sometimes and one of them got a coreshot 10m from the end!

But I still use them as 50s, carefully, on special occasions when I really want to go light. I use them with a DMM pivot

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