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RKernan - on 12 Feb 2018

I sent 3 C4 Camalots back to Black Diamond in the US in the first week of February for re-slinging, with Royal mail claiming a 5 day delivery. 2 weeks ago I emailed BD in Utah asking whether they had received them or not - no response. Last week I emailed both their US & Europe customer service and also did not receive a response. I don't even know if the cams made it to them, never mind if they can re-sling them.


Has anyone else had issues with BD customer service/warranty department?

jezb1 - on 12 Feb 2018
In reply to RKernan:

Can't help I'm afraid other than to say I've always had really good customer service from them as have lots of other people I know.

I've always used their online contact us type thing rather than direct email if that helps.

nufkin - on 12 Feb 2018
In reply to RKernan:

Have you tried Royal Mail too? There might be a limit to what they can do if it wasn't send Recorded, but logging a missing item might help it get moving if it's held up somewhere

Jamie Wakeham - on 12 Feb 2018

I'm struggling with this too. Haven't got authorisation to send my cams yet; BD Europe have been very quick to respond, but we don't seem to be getting anything out of BD USA.


RKernan - on 12 Feb 2018
In reply to Jamie Wakeham:

When I asked BD USA initially they just sent back an address and said 'send them here', there was no authorisation or anything like that.

In reply to jezb1:

Good suggestion, have tried that now as well, will hopefully hear back.

In reply to nufkin:
Haven't tried Royal Mail yet as I was hoping to hear from BD if they'd actually received the package but might try that to get things moving, thanks.

Jamie Wakeham - on 12 Feb 2018
In reply to RKernan:

Sadly neither I nor BD Europe seen to be able to elicit even that basic response from them yet! You've reminded me to chase this again...

Fiona Reid - on 12 Feb 2018
In reply to RKernan:

I returned mine for re-slinging back in July 2016 and was emailed a code/authorisation number by BD following my initial email to to enquire about re-slinging. They call it an RA# code (returns authorisation code) and told me to write the RA# on both the outside and inside of my package.

I posted them (8 cams up to size 4) with Royal Mail and paid the extra to have £500 of insurance. I made sure the amount of insurance would cover buying brand new cams in case they went AWOL and tbh it was only a few quid extra as 1.5kg of cams isn't cheap to send to the USA. The service I used (Global Priority - Guaranteed 4-5 days) also had tracking so I knew they'd at least got to the USA and BD.

After that it was like they gone down a black hole and it wasn't until FedEx contacted me to provide some stuff to clear my cams through UK customs that I knew they were on the way back to me. It took almost 4 weeks from posting the cams to them being back with me. I reckon about 2 weeks of that time was spent in transit/customs etc. 

FWIW, I found BD sometimes took a week or more to respond to any emails and contact/response could be a bit hit and miss.

Assuming your parcel was tracked I'd check that it's actually been delivered before contacting BD again and maybe try phoning them if email isn't working? Another option might be to contact the European side and see if they can find out what's happening for you. 

Good luck and fingers crossed your cams reappear soon. 

jimtitt - on 12 Feb 2018
In reply to RKernan:

5 days delivery, you´ve got to be joking! I send regularly to the USA (from Germany) and the delivery time is 4-6 days for sure BUT then there is US customs in between and the normal processing time for parcels is 10 days so 3 weeks is pretty average for a delivery to the customer. That´s with all the correct customs declarations, anything untoward and you can expect longer.

RKernan - on 28 Feb 2018
In reply to RKernan:

So' I've now heard back from BD Europe, who have passed me back to BD USA. Still nothing from them. Somebody messed up by not giving me a reference number in the first place. 

RKernan - on 22 Mar 2018
In reply to RKernan:

Yesterday a parcel turned up from black Diamond - 3 reslung cams, no note, no charge! How odd but fair play to BD.

What was even more interesting is that an attempt had been made to delvier this parcel to Edenderry in the Republic of Ireland before being directed to Edenderry Village in Northern Ireland (where I live)

Jamie Wakeham - on 23 Mar 2018
In reply to RKernan:

I'm pleased you've got yours back.  I am still waiting for BD USA to contact me to tell me I can send mine in!  BD Europe are being very helpful and responsive - but they seem unable to raise BD USA either.

I have to say - my next cams will be DMM.

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