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martinph78 on 24 Jul 2013
I'm after a new head torch to replace my Black Diamond Moonlight and really like the look of the Icon. I need something much brighter, that I can use for searching, camping, and winter walking/climbing.

Quick question though, as it isn't clear on the BD site or video. Can you enter the white proximity led's without cycling through the high led first?

I find I mostly want to start with the low setting and cycle up to the high. BD seem to think we all want to do the opposite. I know you can access the red led's first, so that is useful.

Also, does it remember your last setting, or do you have to cycle through them all again (I know it does with the red, but again, not sure about the white).

Finally, not sure I really need 200 lumens so might consider the Storm, although I don't like the strap (like an over the head strap). If you have a storm, do you think the strap off my moonlight would swap over?

r0x0r.wolfo - on 24 Jul 2013
In reply to Martin1978: Hey I have a storm. All in all a good headtorch. A few things that may not be in the specs...

Not sure what kind of searching you want to do but the main beam is fairly tight and focused, more for distance than floodlighting the ground. This is good for spotting things a little further away. The secondary LEDs seem designed for giving you good vision all over if your climbing up something, a face or whatever. Not too bright that it dazzles you. I use this mode for descents to save battery.

The strap is fine for me, it's lighter than the icon so holds well with just the one strap. Not used the icon so can't say much about it. Will be brighter, but heavier, more complex and expensive. The storm you're probably more likely to chuck in you bag/pocket just in case. Either should serve you well, depends what you need.

I thought the same before i bought one about the ramping of the brightness. Why not start off dim? One answer to this is that it is nice to have full beam just that more easily accessible for when you quickly want to point out/spot something at a distance, then change back to secondaries. It's not all one way, but I think they way it is just edges it for me. OTT for camping, you will be dimming it.

Everything is controlled by one button, there is no memory for brightness, you start at full brightness when you turn it on.

Hope this helps.

P.S dont forget to use the lock mode. Very handy to make absolutely sure you still have batteries when you dig it out.
stevieweesaxs107 - on 25 Jul 2013
In reply to Martin1978:
I have The icon, it starts with the white leds and cycles through to the main beam, its very bright appears brighter
Than my new 205 lumen Myo Rxp. Takes 4AAs its heavy and I'm
Not that keen since I've bot it, don't think I've even taken
It on the hills, however it shows the Rxp a clean pair of
Heels on full beam! I prefer the Rxp tho as its light bright and I like the optional Defuser to spread the light. Myo 84 m
And icon 100m, ive seen the icon go for £50 odd that's pretty good and its well made just a tad heavy.

martinph78 on 25 Jul 2013
In reply to Martin1978: Thanks guys, very helpful. I need to try and get my hands on one but no where local stocks them.

I did consider the Myo but wasn't sure about the wide angle lens, looked fiddly with gloves on. Is it actually a decent feature though, or do the side LED's on the Icon cover a similar area do you think?

I do like having a battery pack on the back as I find it balances the light better, another reason for looking at the Icon over the Storm, and the red LED's looked a good idea, although I've lived without them so far.

I've found the Icon for £54 but no where locally stocks it so I can't get a feel for how heavy/bulky it may be.

The other option may be to go for a Storm (£41) and get a better torch for searching duties.

So far I am unimpressed by the beam pattern of most LED's.

Cheers, Martin

ice.solo - on 25 Jul 2013
In reply to Martin1978:

i use an icon for some stuff. very bright, but a bit clunky. good price tho for a +/-200L light - next step up is at least double that, for caving and endurance running lights.
it doesnt realy flick between brightnesses, more you hold it down to adjust the main beam, or click over to the ambient leds. it seems to remember the main beam, so if you drop it back you minimize the dazzlle effect it can have (it is impressivly bright as stated above).

the red leds are great i find. for serious night use (not just making tea etc where it doesnt really matter), they are a real advantage. even for normal nights in tents with other torches (i use a spot for regular stuff as its easier to keep the batteries warm) i use the red lights, and kindly request tent mates to as well.

the icon is still a push button thing, so f*cking useless with gloves on but just like every other torch aside from very few. the opening for the battery pack is even less glove friendly - a factor that shits me no end for a torch intended for SaR etc.

its also waterproof to 5m - and ive tested that. just make sure the battery pack is properly sealed first.
martinph78 on 25 Jul 2013
In reply to ice.solo: Thanks for the reply, all good stuff to consider. I know most of the guys use Petzl or Lenser and don't have red LED's so I'd only be using that feature when I'm alone! I guess the battery monitor makes it easy to predict changes, say at the car before heading out?

I am a fan of BD torches as well, so that is swaying it for me

Cheers, Martin
martinph78 on 25 Jul 2013
In reply to Martin1978: Just to throw a spanner in the works, just found out that I can get a Myo RXP 205L for £40.

Very tempted by the cash and weight saving to be honest but...

Hard to switch brands when you're happy with one!

martinph78 on 25 Jul 2013
In reply to Martin1978: Well I've just ordered the Myo RXP. It was £15 cheaper than the BD and I think it will suit my needs just as well, if not a little better. Think the Icon was going to be too much of a torch for my needs.

Took some swaying but my Dad reminded me that we used to use Petzl lamps for sea fishing (the old Zooms!) and never had any problems with them in all the years of abuse they received. I think I will really like the program mode as well, starting in low makes much more sense to me and how I use them.

Thanks for the help above, and to Stevie for his email, it all helped make my mind up and is appreciated.
ice.solo - on 25 Jul 2013
In reply to Martin1978:

before the icon i used a myo. good till it fizzled, but that was a common problem petzl appears to fixed a few years back. maybe too late, but make sure its a recent one (last 4 years or so).

the swivel motion on petzls is much better i think. BD oones seem to loosen a bit with use, easily knocked out of position. petzl is better protected.

the flick down lens colours on petzls also a good idea. not as saturated a light when down, but good none the less. a bit better with gloves.

shit, sounds like im some sort of torch-geek.
martinph78 on 25 Jul 2013
In reply to ice.solo: That's why I asked on here, plenty of folk know more about this stuff than I do It's taken me 8 years to finally decide my current head torch isn't bright enough for anything other than reading a book or pitching my tent!

I bought an LED Maglite and am disappointed with that, so couldn't afford to make a similar mistake again.

This is the latest model I think, hope so, although a 3 year warranty is good to have:

I reckon that the boost mode will be good, as I'm only likely to need that sort of power for a short time and not having to scroll through the settings to use it should prove useful.

I shall report back once I've worked out how to program it. Hoping it's as good as I expect as it'll get a lot of use.

martinph78 on 25 Jul 2013
In reply to Martin1978: Actually, whilst I'm asking...

Batteries: it states that it is compatible with alkaline, lithium, rechargeable Ni-MH, rechargeable Ni-Cd

In terms of head torch/mountaineering use, are rechargeable batteries better these days (ie hold charge and last as long in use as alkaline Duracells), or should I just stick with Duracells?

I might get some rechargeable batteries for the winter when I'm running daily, and save the alkalines for the hills/SAR work?
What's the difference between Ni-MH and Ni-Cd (in use in a head torch).

Cheers geeks :p

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