/ REVIEW: Black Diamond Momentum & Aspect Rock Shoes

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BD Momentum in action 1 Black Diamond's new range of rock shoes covers a spectrum of users from beginner to advanced. Here we look at the entry level Momentum and the mid-range Aspect.

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vidstr - on 05 Apr 2019


I have to say that i find these reviews of more "obscure" shoes by trusted source really valuable. One thing I would like to see is maybe how those shoes compare to similarly priced shoes by mainstream shoes companies (la sportiva, five ten, scarpa).

With that in mind, is there any hope of you reviewing those wild country boots? I am very interested at how their rubber compares to others and i am not willing to buy them just to find out

In reply to vidstr:

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

Our comparative reviews are always massive undertakings. They get scheduled in at the start of each year. Our last group test of comfy beginner-oriented shoes was in 2016 https://www.ukclimbing.com/gear/footwear/rock_shoes/rock_shoes_for_all-day_comfort-8272

So there's definitely a case for revisiting the same subject again. But it wouldn't be before 2020 now...

dczach - on 07 Apr 2019
In reply to UKC Gear:

I just want to know what the climb is in the first photo

M_Robinson - on 08 Apr 2019
In reply to dczach:

Is it 20 Foot Crack at Burbage?

TobyA on 08 Apr 2019
In reply to M_Robinson:

Which Alan appears to be completely failing to jam and hence missing the point entirely. 😉

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