/ PRODUCT NEWS: Boreal Kintaro Rock Shoe With Zenith Rubber

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Kintaro, 3 kbThe Kintaro is a precise and sensitive shoe with an aggressive asymmetric and downturned shape designed to excel on steep and overhanging terrain. A double Velcro closure with an extra wide upper Velcro strap ensures a secure fit and helps to alleviate pressure points across the top of the foot. The new “V2” rand system tensions a much greater area of the shoe than traditional heel rand configurations, perfect for demanding heel hooks moves! A special anti-deformation midsole material with an anatomic cutaway achieves a great balance of sensitivity and performance on micro edges. The Kintaro is also available in a specially developed women's specific fit version.

Ross B - on 14 Feb 2012
In reply to UKC Gear:

I tried a pair of these on at a demo event, found them the best pair of shoes I tried on at the event and had a good climb in them, although I would have liked to try a size 6 (half size smaller) but suspect that would have been to small given the fit of other smaller footware there.

I would like to know other people feeling on these as thier does not appear to be much in the way of reviews etc out there at the moment, will they last? (I prefer percise feet not smear) whats the Boreal buld quality etc etc.

Thanks in advance for every ones input.
stevedude888 - on 14 Feb 2012
In reply to Ross B: Does anyone know the prices?
Ross B - on 14 Feb 2012
In reply to stevedude888: Google is saying 100 quid
beardy mike - on 14 Feb 2012
In reply to Ross B: All my boreals have been excellent - I've had experience of them since I was 17, so 18 years! Some say the rubber is not that great, but personally I don't think you would notice it until you're climbing much harder. The question I would have, going by your profile is whether this is the right shoe for you, as these are designed specifically for steep and overhanging ground - not generally vdiff territory! But then your profile may not give the full picture? I'm on blades at the moment which are excellent, have had Joker lace and velcros, Ace's, and Cruxes (which were the best shoes I've ever owned out of 5.10, Scarpa's and Evolv's) but I'm sure there will be someone along shortly to tell me why I'm wrong ;)
Hidden User 56 on 14 Feb 2012
In reply to Ross B:
> (In reply to stevedude888) Google is saying 100 quid

That's a fair whack for shoes to go campusing in... ;)

Andy F
Ross B - on 14 Feb 2012
In reply to mike kann: Good question well asked, its more for indoor as I want to push out of the 6's and do more harder bouldering, but I am presently just operating on intermediate shoes with a comfy fit. I have only really just started outside so my spirits are fine for that.
In reply to stevedude888:
> (In reply to Ross B) Does anyone know the prices?

RRP is £109.95

beardy mike - on 15 Feb 2012
In reply to Ross B: They are still a very extreme shoe for what you are looking at using them for - Cruxes or Blades would be more in line with what you are aiming for and you'd also be able to use them outside comfortably. As you seem to be in the same area as me, I'd say you're looking for a good sensitive edging shoe rather than extreme overhang shoe...

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