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brora boyan - on 10 Feb 2013
Thinking about changing over to Rab vapour rise from Buffalo but before i do this i was wanting to know about any ones thought on the garments,at the moment i use buffalo special 6 top and have a pair of buffalo salapetts to match,i also use a paramo alta jacket that i never use as an over layer,it just stays in the bag,i'd like to try the vapour rise guide and have the rab volt jacket as a back up if it really starts chuckin it down,im happy with the salapette's.cheers Alan
Prof. Outdoors on 10 Feb 2013
In reply to brora boyan:
I am a big fan of Buffalo. I am also a big fan of Rab Vapour rise. I sold my Buffalo salopettes as I found them just too warm in this country.

I use Buffalo Special 6 (+ Mardale jacket for stops) in winter and Vapour Rise for the rest of the year. Both systems work well as both of them are fantastic at not wetting out and keeping you comfortable.

Are you using the Special 6 next to the skin as intended? It reads as as though you are trying to replace the Special 6 shirt with the Rab guide jacket which would need another layer underneath in my opinion. I suspect that the guide jacket is slower to dry.

Have a word with the knowledgeable chaps at Needle Sports, they know about Buffalo and Rab.

Ron Walker - on 10 Feb 2013
In reply to brora boyan:

Buffalo pile warm while Rab VR is less warm and better when more active but very similar to the Buffalo Teclite. They both work really well with the Paramo system when it's pissing down. My favourite bit of kit is the Buffalo belay jacket which I use as an outer belay jacket or change into as a base layer after the walk in when climbing and wearing the Paramo gear. I've tried every other system available and this works for me!

Cheers Ron
brora boyan - on 10 Feb 2013
In reply to Prof. Outdoors: It's the vapour rise guide i was thinking about getting,i have modified the buffalo salapetts as i can regulate the heat better which i'm more than happy with,its just i fancy a change and something a bit more modern,the special 6 jacket is actully the big face shirt,i also use the expedition hood which take a helmet noproblem,and the paramo in the bag it just doesn't get used...i've been using this set up for 4or 5 years now and that jacket has been used about twice....i think it's time to get rid and get something a bit lighter.
GridNorth - on 11 Feb 2013
In reply to brora boyan: For what activity? I have Rab VR top and trousers but find that they are not as water resistant as other soft shell materials so I don't use them for ice climbing. Just bought a pair of £39.99 Simond soft shell pants that are an order of magnitude better in that regard.
andrew breckill on 11 Feb 2013
In reply to brora boyan: I have had sterling service from my rab vapour rise, mine are the original ones that came out so not too sure on age, maybe 10 years, only now starting to wear went for a 6 mile forced march pace walk yesterday and noticed wind getting through, so I am also looking for new, will see if I can compare with the simond stuff, we don't get much European branded stuff over here, I have bought a few items when in chamonix and found the performance very good and a lot cheaper than what we pay.
Iain Thow - on 11 Feb 2013
In reply to brora boyan: Basic difference is that Vapour-rise wicks better and is lighter but Buffalo is warmer. I've got a VR Guide which has been my most used bit of kit in the last year. I've only got wet in it once, and was climbing a (non-frozen) waterfall at the time so fair enough. It's not that light compared with other VR tops but is hugely comfortable in pretty much any weather (too hot for the middle of summer) and very hardwearing, still unscuffed after lots of scrambling/walking/climbing.
andrew breckill on 16 Feb 2013
Doh, just realised I been washing my vapor rise with detergent instead of soap, and have not ever reproofed the dwr treatment. So will wash gently and add a dwr hopefully that'll get it back to normal.

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