NEW REVIEW: CAMP Armour helmet

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 UKC Gear 11 Jul 2008
TobyA reviews the CAMP Armour helmet:

"it both looks pretty darn cool and – most importantly – isn't purple...

So over all, a great all-rounder. Not the lightest but far from the heaviest; not the best ventilated but far from the worse; strong enough for the big mountains but still light enough for weekend cragging; and last but not least – it looks pretty cool and sells at a really good price."

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 Alex Roddie 11 Jul 2008
In reply to UKC Gear:
Very nice review, and the kit looks good as well. =)
 john howard 1 11 Jul 2008
In reply to Alex Roddie: ^^^ditto, also TobyA (and anyone else that can help), just wondering if you have any experience of the ever popular petzl elios, which this appears to be a direct competitor of in terms of specs?I've used a friends elios for a while and i've been putting off buying a helmet for a while but now I want to buy my own, so I'm thinking of either going for something like the armour or the elios, or splashing out and going for a meteor 3, which would be your personal preference in terms of value, durability and weight?Bearing in mind that its main use will be single and multi pitch trad climbing, all help is much appreciated, cheers,
In reply to john howard 1: Yep I have all three of those helmets now. My preference would be for the Meteor 3 if you don't do any ice climbing, it's lighter and less sweaty than either the Armour or Elios. Bothe the latter two are good helmets and I don't think there is much to choose between them, perhaps fit on your head, but the Meteor is nice for just rock climbing I reckon.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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