Chimaera verses Spectra quickdraws

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 MikeR 09 Sep 2021

Much like my socks in the washing machine, I seem to have lost a number of my quickdraws, leaving me with a few DMM Spectras and some very old ones that probably should be retired.

I do like the Spectra ones I have, but am wondering if the Chimaera are worth the extra money? Also how do the Chimaera krabs handle with gloves on? I've got smallish hands for a guy and find the Spectra ok with gloves, but like the smooth gate of the Chimaeras, and lighter weight wouldn't hurt too.

Also, I have a few phantom krabs and think they would probably be a bit small for me in winter if that helps.

 John1458 09 Sep 2021
In reply to MikeR:

I've got a set of spectra quickdraws. I've not handled chimera's as a quickdraw but have used them for racking cams, dmm dragonfly's. I've also used dmm phantoms for racking cams, alien evo's.

Chimera's and phantoms were almost the same size, overlaying them on top of one another they practically matched. 

From the dmm website;

Dmm spectra size 56x97mm

Dmm phantom size 52x89mm

Dmm Chimera size 53x90mm

You might find them a bit small for winter if you find phantoms too small. 

 MikeR 09 Sep 2021
In reply to John1458:

Thanks, that's helpful info.

In reply to MikeR:

The difference in gate length is only a few mm, and I don't think it makes a huge amount of difference in gloves. 

Chimeras are mostly nice when you're unclipping, so nice for whoever is seconding and if you have any slingdraws/alpine draws then the chimeras are nicer to use (thinking of making some up with phantoms on the gear end and chimeras for the rope end to save a bit of money over all chimera). For normal quickdraws I don't see all that much benefit over the Spectres considering they are twice the price!

 MikeR 10 Sep 2021
In reply to stevevans5:

Thanks, I think the cheaper Spectras sound like the best bet then for me.

In reply to MikeR:

Why is everyone in the thread calling them Spectras? Spectres!

 MikeR 10 Sep 2021
In reply to DubyaJamesDubya:

Oops sorry, that's probably my fault for setting a precedent in the OP. Dually noted.

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