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Darron 12 Dec 2018

Thinking of buying a click up plus belay device. I have read a couple of reviews that say its good for top roping but not for leading.

Any users out there able to comment? Does the " V proof" system make it harder to feed out the rope? Is the original CU better?

Much obliged for any feedback

Merry Xmas all


cambromo 12 Dec 2018
In reply to Darron:

I'd stick with the original, there's a lot of issues with it causing unintentional lock offs due to how I belay which don't come into play with the original(above hand paying out slack)

As a side note if you're still morbidly curious I'm selling my plus for £50.

Darron 12 Dec 2018
In reply to cambromo:

Thanks for that. It's a Chrissie present so I'd better buy a new one.

ClemFandango 13 Dec 2018
In reply to Darron:

If looking to buy new AlpineTrek have them at a good price (£57.56 with free delivery).


Merry Xmas!


trish1968 13 Dec 2018
In reply to Darron:

Hi I used to have one i didn't like it it put a twist in my rope. Maybe it was the way i belay but no other device does that to the rope when i'm belaying. I also have the alpine up which i really like and don't have a problem with.

derf 14 Dec 2018
In reply to Darron:

I recently bought a Click Up Plus, having used the original Click Up as my belay device of choice for over a year. I bought the Plus to handle fat indoor ropes that were jamming in my original Click Up. The Plus works much better for this, but in all other respects I find it’s poorer than the original. The Plus locks up much more often, needs a different (and frustrating) technique to release, and isn’t as smooth when lowering.

Unless you need the Plus for fat ropes, I would recommend that you stick with the original Click Up.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.