Crampon advice for smaller boots

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Me and my partner are aiming to do some winter walking in the lake District in the future and we've both got some c2 salewa crampons, she has the salewa crow b2 boots in uk 5.5 and there's a gap at the sides of the rear bail as the soles are very slim under the heel, does anybody know if this will be an issue with the boot moving sideways on the bail?

 kathrync 14:28 Fri
In reply to Joe Harborne:

My boots are smaller than that, and I also have gaps at the side of the rear bail.

In my experience, as long as the rear bail holds the heel down firmly, and there is a good fit  front-to-back, this isn't a problem.  My own test is to put the boot in the crampon and engage the rear bail but don't do up any of the straps. You should be able to pick the boot up without the crampon falling off.

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 scotthldr 16:44 Fri
In reply to kathrync:

Agree with you, as long as the rear crampon fixing is secure within the rear welt and the front binding fits snuggly, you’ll be fine.

 CurlyStevo 11:29 Sat
In reply to kathrync:

Hi, A good fitting c2 crampon should stay put without the rear bail engaged at all and no straps done up when you lift the boot off the floor just from the posts, well that’s an ideal fit imo and something I’ve achieved with several combinations in the past.

if you want to tell how secure it is do the rear bail up but not the straps and try to force the heal side ways and assess if it’s safe or not.

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 CurlyStevo 11:45 Sat
In reply to kathrync:

That said something like the gravel Rambo iV or cassin blade runners dont even have rear posts so you’ll probably be fine, I can’t tell without actually seeing the boot and crampon or atleast some pictures.

Is there a hole in the rear post? You could consider putting a nut and bolt through it to take up some slack and or bending the rear posts.

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In reply to Joe Harborne:

Doesn't the heel of the boot go back far enough to touch the sides? If it's an issue with crampon length - you don't say which model - you may have to cut the link bar down/drill some more holes in it - used the be the advice for small boots.

Otherwise, you could try packing the sides somehow, but if the rear bail is tight enough, the boot is unlikely to move.

 girlymonkey 16:17 Sat
In reply to LastBoyScout:

Shorter boots are also narrower, so with the boots at the back, the heel plate is wider than some of the boot soles. So there is a gap between the boot and the posts. 

I get the same gap, but I don't find it a problem, the binding still holds well

In reply to girlymonkey:

Yes, I realise that - I used to sell them. I didn't explain very well, but it depends on the design of the rear posts - some are an "L" shape that extends further around the heel of the boot and some are a bit further back than others, so it may be worth trying some other makes to find a better fit, but it sounds like you've already been around that quest in the past.

Obviously, if the boot is "that" narrow, then you're not going to find something that does touch.

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