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Crampon comparison PETZL LYNX Vs BD cyborg

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 Dibyendu Das 03 Dec 2019

I am little confused between PETZL LYNX LEVERLOCK UNIVERSAL and Black Diamond cyborg pro model,like PETZL model if BD cyborg's fit is also hybrid.Can the toe toe clip be removed from Cyborg?

 GarethSL 03 Dec 2019
In reply to Dibyendu Das:

The BD Cyborg Pro is a step in crampon with a metal bail designed to fit boots with a toe welt. This is removable to allow changing the size or shape version of the bail (wide, narrow etc) and also allows for adjustment forwards and backwards of the front piece relative to the toe of the boot.

The Cyborg is not a hybrid in the sense that the lynx is. With the lynx you can change the type of toe bail so it can fit boots without a toe welt. I.e. Use the universal plastic binding that attaches to the crampon in the same way a normal wire bail does. 

This doesn't mean that a petzl universal toe bail cant fit BD cyborgs (someone's gonna have to confirm that) if you want to go down the frankenpoon route. They should be available as a spare part if you're more keen on the Cyborgs but don't have the boots to match. Used BD crampons with petzl wire bails for years as the petzl bail fitted scarpa boots much better.

Or just get the BD Cyborg clip...

 Al_Mac 04 Dec 2019
In reply to GarethSL:

I'd be wary of the BD's longevity - I've got two pairs of BD Stingers, one for ice and one for mixed. The flex bar is significantly bent on both (never had that issue on any other manufacturers setups) and relative to both Grivel and Petzl the stainless steel just doesn't wear well. Sure they look nice, but I wouldn't buy them again.

 GarethSL 04 Dec 2019
In reply to Al_Mac:

Yeah, there is that! They changed the centre bar in recent years, fortunately I had a bunch of the older and thicker ones so swapped them out. But a good point and is something to be wary of.

It seems all their crampons come with the flex centre bar as standard now with the older versions not being available any more - maybe some shops still have the old version. 

 Al_Mac 04 Dec 2019
In reply to GarethSL:

I don't think mine are meant to be a flex bar, they're 5mm thick after all! They just seem to bend after a few routes in quite a significant manner, maybe 5-8mm off being straight?

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