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 UKC Gear 02 Oct 2009
[Walking into Malham, 2 kb]This is an aesthetic looking sack with plenty of useful technical features for climbers, skiers and mountaineers.

Dave Sarkar tests the Guide Lite 32 pack from Deuter...


 sean coffey 05 Oct 2009
In reply to UKC Gear:
Really important question about this pack Dave...
Is there a special pocket for the cocoa mug, pipe and slippers?
These are key buying criteria for me these days!
 Dee 05 Oct 2009
In reply to UKC Gear: Hi Dave, I wonder if you could add a little more about your comments about skiing and this pack, especially its suitability for touring? Did you find that it was easy to retrieve a shovel and probe from the pack? How did it feel for a short ski tour?
 threepeaks 06 Oct 2009
In reply to Dee: I would say that the sack would be suitable for short day trips or a short tour if you were very clever with your packing. It didn't have any special pockets for a shovel so if you needed it super quick you'd struggle, a probe should be okay though if you kept it near to your back. I don't think it would be big enough for any longer tours like The Haute Route. But to be honest with you dude I'm not really a skier - I'm a winter climber. I won't be using this sack for winter climbing as I feel it's more useful for Classic Alpine ascents where technical climbing is not required.
 threepeaks 06 Oct 2009
In reply to sean coffey: Ha - not long before I'm reviewing bags for the old crown green bowls myself! Sorry I missed you on Monday - out running the flab off. It'd be great to see you all at Xmas - I'm planning some early season winter gnarl in The Cairngorms but am back on the 23rd so I'll be in touch soon to get a date that you're free. All our love to Virginia and the boys and don't let the kids keep you down! Dave S
 Dee 06 Oct 2009
In reply to Dave Sarkar: Cheers for that. Thanks! 07 Oct 2009
In reply to Dee:
I have used this pack for 1/2 day ski tours and it's great. I'd agree that it's very comfortable and stable, both for skiing and when I've used the pack walking. With only one main compartment, it can be difficult to access gear sometimes but I find that too many pockets can be just as time consuming. If I needed my shovel and probe quickly I'd just tip everything out, grab the shovel and get digging!
 Tom Hutton 07 Oct 2009
In reply to Dee:
I've used this for a three day tour to an unmannned hut (Gouter) and managed to get everything in just (inc crampons and axe and shovel and probe, which, as has already been said, I'd get to quickly by emptying everything out). It's stable and skis well - perfect for touring in my opinion. Plenty big enough if you usually pack light.

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