/ Down Gillet Below Down Jacket - Comfort??

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Avaunt - on 03 Oct 2013
I just wondered if anyone whose used a down gillet below a down jacket (ME Himala) found the combination in terms of comfort, in theory the idea seems like walking round in just a bulky, uncomfortable, mess.

Anyone any feedback? thanks
Avaunt - on 03 Oct 2013

PS - I just want to use it for warmth.
TobyA on 03 Oct 2013
In reply to Avaunt: Depends a lot on the vest and the jacket I guess. But I found a great lightweight down vest from Decathlon this summer for €30 euros and I've worn it in colder weather under my Uniqlo "ultralight down jacket" or whatever they're called and it works well. Plus together its a cheap system for the warmth you get.

All these micro baffle vest and jackets are really quite slim.
Carolyn - on 03 Oct 2013
In reply to Avaunt:

Also, may depend on your shape - ie I fit an XS gilet, but need a S jacket (small chest - but relatively broad shoulders and long arms). So, gilet is quite good for filling the extra space round chest for me - but the fit might not work so well if you have broad chest and short arms!
Avaunt - on 03 Oct 2013
Yes I can see the size can more 'ify' with that combination, Westfield is near me I'll go try an adidas down gillet & my himala that sfoulf give a good idea, thanks
marsbar - on 03 Oct 2013
In reply to Avaunt: My down jacket is a bit too big for me, so its fine as it fills the space. I don't think it will be much use unless it has room to loft, squashed down isn't as warm as it doesn't trap air.
nickcj - on 03 Oct 2013
In reply to Avaunt:

I've worn a down vest in combintation with my synthetic ME Fitzroy jacket. Both underneath and over the top!

It's a great booster layer in cold conditions.

Specifically, I will put it underneath in damper comditions but I have wondered if this has compressed the down too much to make it worthwhile. Though putting it over the top I also wonder if any body heat gets through the synthetic jacket to warm the down up...?!

It's worth experimenting with anyway and I always find the two layers are much more versatile then one big heavy jacket.

Hope that helps?
Avaunt - on 04 Oct 2013
Yes it helps, I never thought of the space needed for lofting & really trying in a shop cannot give a real reading. Maybe a good jumper is best, at end of day a chunky knit traps air quite well & below a windproof Himala that sounds
maybe the best bet. All these early pre-winter experiements work out quite expensive if & when they dont live up to expectations.
Kafoozalem - on 04 Oct 2013
In reply to Avaunt:

I was advised against using a down gilet under a duvet jacket because it will be compressed and prevented from lofting up fully.

However, a synthetic gilet works a treat. I can't recommend the Rab Generator gilet enough - very light, very warm and seems to last forever. As said above, this combo is way more versatile than a monster duvet jacket.

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