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Kevin Woods - on 18 Oct 2013
My down sleeping bag spent all summer in the wrong stuff sack as a consequence of losing the usual one. The stuff sack I used was a bit too small, so the down is feeling a bit flat. I'm guessing this might have consequences with warmth.. anyone got any recommendations for getting the down to expand again?

I heard someone suggest a while back that a washing machine with a couple tennis balls works.... any personal experiences?

richparry - on 18 Oct 2013
In reply to Kevin Woods:

I've just had a down bag cleaned by elite for less than £40 and its come back good as new. The down was flat and clumpy after years of use.
I wouldn't bother trying to wash it yourself as it would be a pain to dry it properly and might end up worse than it is now.
Stamford Raffles - on 18 Oct 2013
In reply to Kevin Woods: Give it a good shake for 10 mins or so, it should 'fluff' back up.
highclimber - on 18 Oct 2013
In reply to richparry: Have you got an (web)address/phone number for them as I need to get my (now mouldy) down jacket cleaned.
xplorer on 18 Oct 2013
In reply to Kevin Woods:

Put it in the biggest dryer you can find
Mr Fuller on 18 Oct 2013
In reply to Kevin Woods: Shake it, as previously suggested. That releases the nodes that lock the structure together. If that doesn't work then it needs heat - a big tumble drier with a bit of weight (eg. tennis ball) will do it. CHECK the label to make sure you're not going to melt the bag.
richparry - on 18 Oct 2013
neil9216 - on 18 Oct 2013
In reply to Kevin Woods:
Washing a down bag is simple.
you need Nikwax 2 part down wash.
a laundrette with a big dryer.

Firstly turn it inside out and put it in the machine with the down cleaner on a hand wash or delicates , same rules apply as with jackets and things, empty the drawer and make sure you clrean any fabric softner out.

As soon as thats finished repeat the cycle using the down proofer.
then put it in for a spin cylce to remove excess water.
Now at this point you will think you have totaly destroyed the bag as it looks terrible.

Next up off to the laundrette, turn the bag the right way round and bung it in the big dryer for around 3 hours, shaking it out every 30 mins or so untill its dry.

My local laundrette lets me just drop the bag of andf they will take care of it for me and they charge 30 quid for 2 bags.

So its worth whil;e going in first and speaking to you dont have to sit there for 3 hours,
the down cleaner from tiso costs around 6.50 if you have the discount card so for 2 bags to be washed I pay around 50 quid and I do this once a year.
and the difference is unbelievable, it feels like a new bag every time.

Hope that helps


Ps go to on to you tube there are loads of videos thats where Ilearned hoe to do it.
Kevin Woods - on 19 Oct 2013
In reply to Kevin Woods: Cheers folks, will put this stuff into action.
pog100 - on 19 Oct 2013
In reply to neil9216:
Once a year! My first bag lasted 26 years without a clean. Mind you I do wish I had done it a bit earlier!
Doghouse - on 20 Oct 2013
In reply to Kevin Woods:

I used these guys only this week.

No previous experince of them but I posted a 20 year old, never been cleaned, sleeping bag to them last Saturday and it came back to me on Tuesday as new. Highly recomended!
captain paranoia - on 24 Oct 2013
In reply to Kevin Woods:

Before you go off and clean the thing, try this: give it a good shake and sleep in it for a couple of nights. Your body warmth will loft the down, and your insensible perspiration will help to unkink matted down clusters, i.e. untangling and un-matting the down.

This won't help the down on the base much, so you may have to resort to a large tumble drier at a launderette. Use the tennis ball trick, but also stick in something like a damp (not wet) t-shirt to provide the unkinking moisture.

In future, store the bag in a pillow case or proper storage bag, rather than a stuff sack.
Rob Parsons on 24 Oct 2013
In reply to richparry:

In Sheffield I was going to suggest the firm of W E Franklin - but looking at Elite's website I read: 'Elite formally undertook cleaning work for WE Franklin's in sheffield who were the leading duck down feather and oriental and rug cleaning specialist in the country. Franklin's were established for over 130 years and unfortunately went into voluntary liquidation in december 2012.'

Out of business - a real shame.

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