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Milesy - on 03 Jan 2013
My mrs got me a pair of Evolv shoes. She had to guess a rough size. My La Sportivas just now are a 10.5uk and are quite baggy and these Evolvs are an 11uk but are tight on my toes.

I usually wear very thin socks but I had to go bare foot to get them slightly more comfortable.

Side by side both shoes are noticable different i.e the Evolv is smaller than the La Sportiva yet it is half a size bigger??

Should I suck it up and "break them in" or are the unlikely to be more comfortable in the toes? I read they will stretch in width but not length so will the width stretch take some of the pressure away from the toes?

Or should I just get a 11.5? I am concerned that I will end up with a pair of baggy shoes in 6 months time when the summer rock comes back in.
Dave Kerr - on 03 Jan 2013
In reply to Milesy:

What kind? I've had Pontas and Bandit and they hardly stretch at all. They will conform slightly to your foot shape though.
Milesy - on 03 Jan 2013
Pontas II
Jenny C on 03 Jan 2013
In reply to Milesy: IME compared to most other manufacturers LaSportiva rockshoes are around 2 sizes larger than they say in the box.
Milesy - on 03 Jan 2013
In reply to Jenny C:

Thank you. Think I will upsize the Evolvs a little then if there isnt going to be much stretch in them. cheers.
Cameron94 on 03 Jan 2013
In reply to Milesy: Sportiva do tend to be a wee bit big for their size but I've not noticed evolv being too far of the mark. I've got the pontas which is the a size smaller than usual but it's tight.
MonkeyPuzzle - on 03 Jan 2013
In reply to Milesy:

My first pair were Bandits and it was only after a few months I was honest with myself about how much they were crushing my toes sideways. Swapped to Scarpa Vapor Vs in the end. I don't know about other Evolv shoes but the Bandits definitely didn't stretch much in any direction.
Boogs on 03 Jan 2013
In reply to Milesy:

I'm generally around 46 UK 11.5 in rockshoes , but my evolvs are the biggest they did at 12 , I couldn't get any other size Evolvs on my feet after three months they still fit fairly well .

I agree with the going bigger idea .
brownie mike on 03 Jan 2013
In reply to Milesy: I've got an 8.5 in the pontas, and they have stretched quite alot. I'm an 11 in normal shoes. Just watch tv in them for a couple of evenings.
sean1 - on 03 Jan 2013
In reply to Milesy:
The Pontas is sized at a half size down from your street shoe for multi-pitch or all day comfort.
A full size down for more technical climbing and taking shoes off between climbs, eg single pitch sport climbs. There is a big difference in half a size in these shoes. If they are a bit tight in length they will stretch but a bit less than half a size and conform to your foot shape more so. Straight out of the box they seem too have more pressure points than the La Sportivas, with my feet.
La Sportivas Muiras and Katanas are sized between 2 to 3 sizes less.
Flat4matt on 03 Jan 2013 -
In reply to Milesy:

I cant remember the model name of mine but theyre discontinued and basically a bandit but in blue. I had to go up half a size and even then they were really tight across the widest part. To get them slightly bigger i packed them out with newspaper and i mean packed out real good!!! After a few days they were fine for me and fit like a glove and have done ever since.
Just need to sort out the rancid smell emitting from them!!
homing-penguin - on 07 Jan 2013
In reply to Milesy: I'm on my second pair of evolves because they don't stretch much like a lot of climbing shoes, I like them because they remain tight.

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