/ PRODUCT NEWS: Fjӓllrӓven unveils its Spring/Summer 2019 collection

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Get outside and embrace the great outdoors with Fj?llr?ven's latest Spring/Summer 2019 collection. Combining functional, timeless designs with the latest sustainable fabrics, the new range includes an update to Fj?llr?ven's popular Keb family. An award-winning selection of clothing and equipment engineered for technical trekking, the bestselling Keb Jacket and Keb Trousers have been re-introduced for SS19 with an improved fit and greater functionality.

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andi turner - on 09 Mar 2019
In reply to UKC/UKH Gear:

I must say, my Keb jacket is one of my absolute favourite all time bits of kit. I'm glad they haven't changed it  too much.

FreeloaderJoe - on 10 Mar 2019
In reply to andi turner:

Interesting I have one, and I just can't really understand what it's for. When do you use it?

andi turner - on 11 Mar 2019
In reply to FreeloaderJoe:

I use it for everything, a really robust “shell”. I climb and scramble in it, walk the dog in it, nip to the offy in it (you can fit two bottles in each stretchy pocket). It’s really weather resistant when waxed and supple where it matters, plus the hood is like a micro climate when the weather is howling. I just think it’s a great jacket for me as an instructor when I don’t know what I could be doing or what the weather will actually deliver from one day to the next.

i think there’s almost too much to chose from these days, one jacket for heavy rain, one for light, one for emergencies, one to belay in one to climb in and another one for playing hacky sack by the slack line. This one almost does it all for me, I usually wear it over wool and this suites a British climate well.

I suppose the only question I can reply with is: why did you buy it if you didn’t know what it’s for?

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