Grivel Trail Three Pole- Yellow Slider Stuck

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 TLitchfield Global Crag Moderator 30 Nov 2021

One of the yellow slider sleeves (that lock the bend joint) on my pole is completely stuck. I've tried brute force, wd40 etc with no luck. Any ideas on how I can get it to move? Would be quite nice to be able to fold the pole up again.

Ive always dried it out after each use etc

Thanks in advance

In reply to TLitchfield:

I had a similar issue with an alpkit pole a little while ago. I got it apart by soaking it in wd40 for a few days and then getting plumbers grips on either side and twisting it back and forwards till it opened up.

OP TLitchfield Global Crag Moderator 01 Dec 2021
In reply to pancakeandchips:

Brilliant. Thanks very much. Feel a bit less stupid now knowing someone else has had the same problem!

 leon 1 01 Dec 2021
In reply to TLitchfield: You could also try gently heating the sleeve to allow the metal to expand a little and then use grips and brute force.

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 BenSA 24 Dec 2021
In reply to TLitchfield:

I have this exact problem with my grivel trail 2's. they have the same mechanism. 

did you manange to find a solution to this?


OP TLitchfield Global Crag Moderator 24 Dec 2021
In reply to BenSA:

Not yet sorry- Have been pretty busy so have been plodding along with an annoyingly long pole when folded. I will let you know if/when anything works for me!

In reply to TLitchfield:

The best option that has worked for me on multiple sets of poles. Missus also leaves them whole. You should always collapse them and spray lithium grease or wd40 in them after use.

Put one section in the vice wrapped with a rag. Don't over tighten and crush the section just enough pressure to hold it still. So a bit of playing around is in involved tightening as you go. 

Next add two sets of mole grips one on the collar one on the other section again with rags to stop scratching. The key is to hold the two sections still and turn the collar with the mole grips. if the whole pole turns you will shear the plastic tab which holds the sections together. If this happens mountain boot company will set you a replacement. It happened on the first pole I did. Could could do it with three sets of mole grips put your doing to need an extra set of hands.

Be gentle and don't rush. Last thing is if you can get hold of Kroil this should help lubricate and ease the process. 

Cheers Dave  

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