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 emerson.lemm 01 Apr 2021

I've just purchased some second hand half ropes. 60m mammut phoenix I believe. They are 2 years old and supposedly never fallen on. I paid £130 for them and they are slightly more worn than I expected. Still okay condition. I'm just wondering if I have over paid for them as I keep looking online at half ropes and in the photographs are 2 ropes and the price is generally around £130. However, it doesn't specify if it is that price for just 1 rope. So my question is, when you buy half ropes do you get the set for the price shown or is it just one rope you get? If its just the one rope then I guess I got a good deal but if I could get a full new set for that price then perhaps I over paid. 

 Cameron_S 01 Apr 2021
In reply to emerson.lemm:

Most but not all websites list the price for each individual half rope, so on that website it would probably be £130 per rope so £260 total.

In my opinion £130 for 2 X 60m used half ropes is a bit steep for me. The end of last year I bought 2 X 70m mammut phoenix brand new for £129.60 from Rock+Run.

If like me you're not fussy when it comes to ropes, just keep an eye out for good deals and buy them when they are cheap as you'll need to replace your ropes eventually.

In reply to emerson.lemm:

Seems expensive, but I am fussy about ropes after having bought some horrible ones over the years (from some big name brands).  Mammut make some really lovely ropes so it can't be all bad.

Anyway, you can't un-buy them now... so just get out and enjoy em.

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In reply to emerson.lemm:

Most half's cost somewhere between £100-£200 each, depending on length, diameter and if they have any additional protective treatments on them. 

You can however find some really good pair deals online, various online stores have them from time to time, it's worth keeping an eye out for them. 60m half pair deals normally cost between £250 and £300. 

£130 for 2 used 60m Mammut Phoenix is a little steep, given they are 8mm, you might only get another season from them before you need to replace them, although I have heard they are pretty robust for 8mm. You could have probably spent not a huge amount more and got new ropes with a full usage history and in the long run, a longer life span from them. 

 Cobra_Head 01 Apr 2021
In reply to emerson.lemm:

I just bought my edelrid dry ropes, one red and one blue 50m 8.6mm for 150£ for both. 

 jt232 01 Apr 2021
In reply to emerson.lemm:

Without wanting to be a Negative Nelly my friend used a second hand rope, snapped whilst he was top ropping and he broke his back

 galpinos 01 Apr 2021
In reply to jt232:

Really?! I have never actually heard of a rope snapping. Are you sure it didn’t “cut” rubbing over a sharp edge?

 ripper 01 Apr 2021
In reply to galpinos:

I remember reading a UIAA report a couple of years ago which said there were no known cases of rope failure in climbing accidents where age was the only factor. Failure due to rubbing, cutting or chemical or other damage were definitely known though

 jt232 01 Apr 2021
In reply to ripper:

It was sent to some official source (maybe the BMC?) who thought it was likely battery acid damage I think. You couldn't tell there was anything wrong by inspecting it though

 pec 02 Apr 2021
In reply to emerson.lemm:

There are lots of ways I will scrimp and save, mend and make do etc but buying second hand ropes is not one of them.

Buying a used rope of unknown history just seems like a saving too far given how cheaply you can buy ropes and how critical it is to your safety chain.

When you can get a 60m dry treated half rope for £90 why would you take the chance?

n.b. Despite the name "rappel" these aren't abseiling ropes, I've been using a pair for a couple of years and they handle as well as the mammuts I had used for years before.

 wbo2 02 Apr 2021
In reply to pec:also Simond are a very reliable brand now owned by Decathlon, not some hokey rubbish that's just cheap

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