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KellyKettle - on 06 Feb 2013
I have two BD harnesses a Coulior and an (old, 2008 ish) Momentum AL; both have fitted me quite well until recently...

Unfortunately, since I bought them, I've accrued a lot more muscle, and am starting to accrue fat too (due to sudden relative inactivity) previously i was able to get an acceptable fit (I have relatively high hips for a bloke), but with the addition of a (small, hopefully shrinking now) belly, there's not quite the rise to have it where I used to without pulling the leg loops right up into my crotch in the process.

They do fit quite comfortably if set up so that the belt passes round high on my back, above my hips and secures under my belly which puts the top of the belay loop level with my hips, which feels ok, and stays in place comfortably with gear racked and two reactors holstered in a gear loop; but if I grab the gear loops and yank downwards hard it can allow the waist belt to slip slightly down, (it can't go too far, my quads are a little wider than my hips).

Is this what you'd call an acceptable fit? I've got nothing to compare but how my harnesses fitted when I wasn't in such a sedentary position... I know the only real way to know for sure is to hang in them, and if possible take "safe" falls at a wall (in fact I've done this in the Momentum, before I started thinking about this in detail); How would you satisfy yourself with it?

The four alternatives I see are:
1) Continue as I am, having become satisfied that the fit is acceptable

2) Cheaply buy a "fatboy" harness, and use that until I've slimmed back down

3) Wear a chest harness to obiviate the potentially increased risk of falling out of the harness in an (highly unlikely) inverted fall.

4) Have Scottish Mountain Gear or similar make a slightly longer belay loop (could use one from another harness on the coluior, but the momentum would need it stitched in-situ) which would solve my current issue, and make for a more comfortable setup even once my belly has returned to it's rightful size.

Potentially relevant bonus info: I'm 6'3", 34.5" inside leg, my waist is 37", my belly measures 40" at it's largest (tensing abs to push outwards, not compressing the podge), and round the top of my quads is 43"

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.