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 Philip 12 Oct 2021

My Petzl Tikina has disappeared. I at least want red light feature, but any recommendations for a good torch. Not rechargeable, red light, bright (scout leader - need to be able to see reasonable distance to find cubs!), lightweight. Don't run and not needed for cycling.

Petzl Tikka is my default of I don't get any better recommendations.

 laughitup 14 Oct 2021
In reply to Philip:

By not rechargeable do you mean powered by aa/aaa batteries? 

 Philip 14 Oct 2021
In reply to laughitup:

Yes. I think I've found what I want. Petzl Actik Core. It takes 3xAAA, which I can keep for weekends/emergency but also rechargeable for the more simple weeknight use when I can easy charge up before.

Alpkit's Qark looks similar. Not sure which might be better.

Edit - now found this

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 More-On 14 Oct 2021
In reply to Philip:

I've got the Actik Core and for the usage you describe at a reasonable price I don't think you can beat it.

I would add it isn't that waterproof (as the rating demonstrates), but it's ok. Battery life also isn't huge, but again that's clear from the figures. That's why for long and/or wet I use a Nitecore that takes 18650 batteries.

 Dave Todd 14 Oct 2021
In reply to Philip:

The zoomable beam on the Alpkit Qark would be great for finding lost cubs.

My family all have Qark that we use for orienteering.  I've been really impressed with them.  We've had them for 2 or 3 years and have used them loads - they've not let us down.

 Matt Hill 14 Oct 2021
In reply to Philip:

I have an old Petzl Tikka and I wanted something brighter so I recently bought the Petzl Actik Core, I'm pleased with it, its simple but effective. I took it on a run  in the rain the other evening and it did the job well, I found it was easy to change between brightness settings. I like the flexibility of being able to use the rechargeable battery pack and AAA batteries. I haven't tried many other head torches though.

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In reply to Philip:

Not used the Petzl to compare but I am generally a fan of the Quark, other than there's no way of knowing how charged the battery is, and it does seem to last less long than you expect in cold weather, but as long as you have some AAAs for spares it's no big deal. Great brightness (and the different brightness options are set at good levels) and the zoom works well

 Philip 14 Oct 2021
In reply to stevevans5:

Thanks all. Good news seems to be that either are good option, but at 2 each I might wait for another post as a decider

In reply to stevevans5:

I also like the Alpkit quark, only issue for me is the on/off button which is hard to locate by touch especially with gloves on.

A spare rechargeable battery is a bit easier to fit than AAAs IMHO, but noting your comments on cold weather I might carry some AAAs in winter.

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