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Rawstron1 - on 09 Feb 2013
Howdy, can you help me please? I'm about to enter the big bad world of child carriers and need some advice. I've looked at the Macpac Vamoose, Deuter Kid Carrier III, Osprey Poco Plus and the Littlelife Cross Terrain. I haven't tried any yet but would love to hear your thoughts. Cheers.
Denni on 09 Feb 2013
In reply to Rawstron1:

We have a Little Life Voyager, second hand from fleabay with a sun shade and rain cover for about 60 quid.

I am 6ft 3, wife is 5ft 10 and we both loved wearing it. Very comfortable, been up Snowdon a couple of times, all round Europe on a 6 month trip, up the Ben, brilliant round tiwn, has a big enough compartment for a long day trip, very stable, very comfy for the little un. love it and highly recommend one.

Our daughter is 3 so we don't use it, but going to keep it for our next creature but if you want to borrow it, I would be happy for you to try it out.
Monk - on 09 Feb 2013
In reply to Rawstron1:
We have a LittleLife Voyager which is a great pack for when the kids are walking a bit as well as being carried - it zips shut and looks like a big rucksack when not in use, and is fairly compact. We use it for a 16 month old and a (small) three year old, and it is very easy to swap them over.

We also have a Vaude Jolly Comfort 2, which we use for big days out, and I really like. Plenty of storage underneath for changing stuff, warm clothes and food, plus a comfortable harness, and the kids always seem comfortable in it. It also has a decent rain cover and sunshade, which is great for added protection on wet and windy days. I really rate both of them, but for slightly different uses.
Rawstron1 - on 09 Feb 2013
In reply to Rawstron1: Thanks very much both of you. It's a right old minefield of pros and cons isn't it? Denni, thanks very much for the offer but it's not going to be for a good few months before I'll be needing one. I might just be in touch towards the end of the year.

Does anyone have any experience of any others?
John Mcshea - on 09 Feb 2013
In reply to Rawstron1:
We had the mac pack for our two children, superb in every way except the waist belt which didn't quite adjust small enough for either of us, this is pretty important as with child and other bits it can be quite heavy. It may be they have tweaked the design. Were both pretty skinny best try it on in the shop. The comfort for the child is excellent, we had a neck cushion and sun canopy with ours and really useful was the mirror in a little pocket so you can see that your child's comfortable. Hope that's of some help.
Niall_H - on 09 Feb 2013
In reply to Rawstron1:
Another recommendation for the Vaude Jolly Comfort - good build, good ergonomics, good fit, and plenty of storage space.
Nutkey on 09 Feb 2013
In reply to Rawstron1:
Another vote for the Voyager, though now we're limited to the range of a three year old, we're just using a Kinderpack for the one year old, since it's quite a bit lighter and easier for balance, not to mention much smaller in the car boot. Loses the tent effect, so the little one is more exposed, but the walking three year old would get cold first anyway, so that's not an issue.
Gavin - on 10 Feb 2013
In reply to Niall_H:

Another vote for the Vaude Jolly Comfort. I've used it for our two and never had a problem with it - both have had no problem falling asleep in it, so I guess it's comfortable for them too. It's got a comfortable harness and the child doesn't sit to high meaning your centre of gravity isn't raised so you become less stable walking (my experience when I was trying out the little life carriers). The only thing it was missing was a small travel mirror so that I could if they were asleep etc. and this was easily sorted from your favourite discount camping store.

Carolyn - on 10 Feb 2013
In reply to Rawstron1:

We had a Macpac for when we needed lots of carrying capacity. It's also worth looking at things like Ergo baby carrier for times when you'll have a spare adult to carry kit, as they're much more comfortable and stable than any of the big framed carriers IME - like using a decent climbing sac rather than one of those old external frame things ;-). But it does depend what you need it to be able to do.
Fat Tim - on 10 Feb 2013
In reply to Rawstron1: Hi. Another vote for the macpac. Its a bit heavy but very comfortable. The little um loves it so much he pulls it out to play with when we are at home if he can get to it.
Bobling - on 10 Feb 2013
In reply to Rawstron1:

We have the Vaude Jolly Comfort which has been good, the storage space makes it a good option if you are by yourself as you can get change bag and other stuff in there easily. I don't think Osprey were doing them when we got ours and I must say when I later came across the Poco Plus in shops and gave it a heft I was (as ever with Osprey) really impressed by how light it felt in comparison to the Vaude.
Sealwife - on 10 Feb 2013
In reply to Rawstron1: I agree with Carolyn. Unless you need to carry extra stuff as well as the baby, go for a decent soft carrier like an Ergo, Patapum or Connecta. Far less cumbersome, lighter, probably comfier for the child and with good adjustment.
In reply to Rawstron1: used the following to help

Came down to Vaude and Macpac. Macpac fitted best for both Mum and me but (a with sealwife and Carolyn) we pack an Ergo in when we go out as it can be back/side & front carrying and so we have almost the max options.
cwarby - on 10 Feb 2013
In reply to Rawstron1: littlelife!
I saw a child rock a Vaude pack and the parents did'nt notice till too late (and i could'nt get there in time),poor sod fell backwards hitting his head· Got a littlelife for the foot stirrup - it works!
brora boyan - on 10 Feb 2013
In reply to Rawstron1: The macpac vamoose,very good pac,wife never used it by i did,comes with a handy mirror on the hip belt to look at the we one on the move also she never ever complained when she went into it, alway's a joy for her,we bought a sleepy head attachment for it so when she did fall asleep she wouldn't get a sore neck,i used the thing in all weathers, really good child carrier.would recomend it.
sjminfife - on 10 Feb 2013
In reply to Rawstron1: We had a Deuter one with a sun/rain hood(seperate) and plenty of storage.I found it great,it just did it's job and was comfy enough.
grithugger on 10 Feb 2013 -
In reply to Rawstron1: i'm selling a Macpac Vamoose.
Denni on 10 Feb 2013
In reply to Rawstron1:

Forgot to add some stuff about the littlelife. As someone said, stirrups. Great bit of kit that keeps them safe.

A little padded chin bit so they can have a kip and be comfy and a small mirror in the side pocket to check up on the wee cherubs.

It also has some funky bottom bit that keeps it stable when it sits on the floor and I also forgot to add that the back is adjustable.
stubbed on 11 Feb 2013
In reply to Rawstron1:

Consider whether the one you are buying is adjustable - there is 12 inches height difference between me and my husband so it's important that it can be adjusted enough. Washable face cushion in the front in case the baby falls asleep dribbling. Other useful bits: mirror, stirrups.
Monk - on 13 Feb 2013
In reply to Rawstron1:

I got my last post wrong (3rd on the thread)! The littlelife pack we have is the ultralight convertible 2 (which probably makes my comments make more sense). We had a Voyager 2 for a while but returned it in favour of the VauDe Jolly Comfort because the straps wouldn't adjust small enough on the LittleLife model to secure our (tiny-for-age) daughter.

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